You can now order the USB-C Apple Pencil

At $79, the new Apple Pencil is the company’s most affordable, and it comes with features like tilt sensitivity and the ability to magnetically attach to the side of an iPad. To charge the new Apple Pencil, you can slide the cap on the end to reveal the USB-C port.

However, the lower price means this third-generation Apple Pencil doesn’t have some cool features available on the company’s other Apple Pencils, such as pressure sensitivity (found on the first and second-generation models) or the ability to pair and charge wirelessly when magnetically attached to an iPad (which you can do with the second-generation model). You can see a full list of features available on each model on the Apple website.

Apple’s website shows that the new Apple Pencil would ship between November 3 and 7 if I ordered it now. I can also order it for in-store pickup, and I might get it on November 8th.

While the new stylus is nice for those who want it, Apple should have upgraded its iPad lineup a long time ago. Unfortunately, it looks like Apple can’t refresh any of its tablets. until next year.

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