WIRED’s 2023 Wish List : 47 Gifts for All the Enthusiasts, Connoisseurs, and Fanatics in Your Circle

You know it type: the one person on your “nice” list who is impossible to shop for. You love them to death, of course, but they’re either hard to please or they pretend they “don’t need anything.” The perfect gift is as elusive as a needle in a stack of tinsel. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, this list is for you.

All year long, WIRED writers and editors test the latest gadgets, from the weirdest to the most ingenious. By the end of the year, a handful of them stand out for their thoughtful design, quality, or whimsical fun. In this list you will find unique gifts, from cameras to smart toys. Once you’ve found that exalted and perfect gift, there’s no reason not to buy one for yourself too, as a treat.

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