Wipro partners with ServiceNow to optimize customer risk and security operations

Wipro has partnered with ServiceNow to create Wipro CyberTransform – Intelligent ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions, a solution that enables organizations to more effectively integrate their risk, compliance and security postures.

In today’s climate, organizations must increasingly balance rapidly evolving risk and compliance environments with internal mandates to embrace digital transformation and growth. Achieving these multiple objectives requires a dynamic and integrated approach to risk, compliance and security.

Wipro CyberTransform – Intelligent ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions helps solve this problem by providing a scalable framework to integrate ServiceNow Risk and Security into existing functions for faster resolution and efficiency, while generating measurable and actionable insights for service teams. cybersecurity and compliance.

This solution is designed to help businesses take full advantage of ServiceNow by providing:

  • enhanced control of risk exposure through continuous monitoring and real-time dashboards on high-risk areas, areas of non-compliance, supplier status and audit results;
  • increased visibility through a single integrated risk and compliance management program; And
  • scalable security solutions to respond to specific cyber threats.

Saugat Sindhu, Global Head of Risk Strategy and Practice at Wipro Limited, said: “Cyber ​​threats are constantly evolving, as are compliance requirements, and as many teams are challenged to do more with less, this solution integrated will keep the organization secure and compliant. We are pleased to partner with ServiceNow to provide our customers with an integrated risk and security management solution that enables their growth and optimizes their operations.

Brian Rizman, Managing Partner, ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions, Wipro Limited, said, “ServiceNow Risk and Security Operations solutions provide customers with the ability to collaborate and coordinate through a common data hub, supported by technologies such as machine learning and AI. We look forward to offering this new solution to our joint customers.

Mike Yancheson, Senior Director of Partner Acceleration at ServiceNow, said: “Cybersecurity and the overall risks surrounding it are topics that every C-suite executive is concerned about. Wipro’s CyberTransform offers our customers a framework based on results with the tools and experience needed to transform the entire business using the power of Now Platform. There is strong demand for repeatable, proven offerings and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Wipro as we continue to expand our partnership.

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