Why does hair need collagen? We select professional care.

Hair restoration with the help of collagen sounds very interesting because there is no collagen in the hair. Let’s figure out if collagen is good for hair or is a marketing ploy.

Collagen is the basis of connective tissue, an important protein in the skin’s extracellular matrix. Organic collagen is the source of youth and health of the whole organism. A decrease in its production leads to hair loss, increased dryness, and decreased hair elasticity. In the human body, collagen is produced naturally, but sometimes its deficiency occurs. In general, the role of collagen in health is very significant, so it is taken orally or used externally.

Collagen for hair benefits

Collagen for hair performs a hydro-fixing function. It retains moisture, so the curls look healthier, more elastic, and resilient, pleasing with softness, shine, and a beautiful appearance. There are different procedures with collagen of different intensities of exposure. But even with regular home care products with collagen, the hair becomes more manageable and moisturized.

There are several types of collagen that differ in the extraction method: animal, vegetable, and marine collagen. The first – has yet to prove itself as a universal remedy; its molecules are too large, and the film it creates can clog pores. Vegetable collagen is rarely used due to its high cost. And finally, the third, marine-in structure, is closest to humans and penetrates the skin more easily; the difficulties lie in the fact that it is also not cheap and requires special storage conditions.

The most modern development is hydrolyzed collagen for hair. This collagen can attract and retain moisture, improving nutrition and restoring hair structure. After using products with their presence in the composition, the hair becomes smooth, silky, and elastic.

Which hair care with collagen to choose

So, collagen improves the appearance of hair, gives it firmness and elasticity, fixes moisture, fights dryness, the structure of the hair shaft thickens, collagen envelops the curls with a thin protective film, and the cuticle scales stick together, which gives smoothness and silkiness, a natural shine appears, the hair is smaller. Fluffy and tangled, static hair is removed.

COLLAGEN CARE Series Reconstruction and Hydration

Shampoo for hair with collagen “reconstruction and hydration.”

The basis of care is a reconstructing shampoo designed for all hair types. Upon contact with water, it forms a thick creamy foam, which gently cleanses and saturates the hair with amino acids, prevents dry hair and moisture loss, and has a conditioning and antistatic effect. Hair is easy to comb and gains strength, volume, and beautiful shine. 

Is it necessary to use a hair mask?

Deep hydration, intensive nutrition, giving elasticity and shine to hair – the task of an ideal hair mask! A mask is a key tool in proper hair care. Due to the high concentration of the necessary active ingredients, it will help nourish the hair to the fullest. All hair types need intense support, but dry hair needs it the most. 

They are most prone to split ends and break off along the length. Curly hair also needs good hydration and filling the porous structure of the shaft with nutrients – it is precisely because of the porosity of the hair that it is often difficult to achieve elastic curls, getting naughty fluffy strands in return. Any of us knows what her hair can look like when it is healthy. If the appearance of the hair leaves much to be desired, it’s time to think about additional intensive care.

collagen for skin

Hair mask with collagen “reconstruction and hydration.”

A systemic procedure for reconstructing, strengthening, moisturizing, and smoothing the hair texture. Curls acquire vitality, pleasant shine, silkiness, and softness. The strands become strong and elastic, and their fragility decreases. How to use: On damp, clean hair, evenly apply the mask over the entire length. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Why you need a heat-protectant hair spray

Blow-drying and styling hair is a daily routine. But regular exposure to high temperatures of curling irons, ironing, and other devices cannot affect the hair’s condition. Heating devices for styling heat up to 95-170 ° C, and many irons have a mark of 200 degrees. Although already at 130 ° C, damage to the hair occurs. Paint pigments burn and lose color; the outer cuticle is injured, moisture evaporates, and keratin proteins are destroyed, leaving the hair dry and lifeless. Regular styling makes the hair duller and brittle and loses volume and beauty. Special hair protection is required during hot styling.

To minimize the harmful effects of heat on the hair during styling, it is necessary to use special heat-protective hair products. They come in various forms, but the most convenient to use are sprays, like the “reconstruction and hydration” Collagen Thermal Protective Hair Spray. Heat-protectant hair spray helps protect hair from heat and hot tools during drying and styling. Cares and restores the structure of the hair and promotes easy combing. How to use: spray on wet hair before the procedure.   



Fucus occupies a special place in cosmetology and even received the name “king algae.” Fucus is a plant of the algae kingdom, growing in the intertidal zone of the coast. Fucus is a rich source of vitamins, microelements, proteins, minerals, polysaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids, and other active molecules necessary for metabolic processes.

collagen for skin
close-up detail texture of Bladderwrack Seaweed

The composition of compounds such as alginic acid, iodine, polyphenols, and mannitol determines the unique properties of fucus. Separately, it should be noted fucoidan – is a polysaccharide with a pronounced antioxidant effect. It activates blood circulation, increases local immunity, stimulates cell regeneration, and prevents premature skin aging. The fucus extract and the oil derived from it retain all these beneficial substances and their magical properties to strengthen hair, prevent hair loss and nourish curls.


Arnica Extract is an herbal infusion made from the bright yellow-orange flowers of Arnica Montana, a perennial plant native to Siberia that belongs to the sunflower family. Arnica provides scalp nutrition, stimulating the hair follicles to support new hair growth. It has a healing and soothing effect on the skin and moisturizes due to the content of many carotenoids and essential oils. It has a pronounced rejuvenating effect due to antioxidant properties and slows aging. Tannins and flavonoids will relieve the foci of inflammation.

collagen for skin

The acids in arnica help restore the health of damaged hair prone to falling out; they exfoliate the surface of the skin, get rid of greasy plaques in the hair roots and protect the hairs from the harmful effects of the environment. Coumarin soothes and tones the skin and provides antimicrobial hair care due to the content of phytoncides. They help get rid of dandruff and fight more serious dermatological diseases. Arnitsin in arnica increases the scalp’s resistance to adverse environmental conditions and ultraviolet radiation.


Coconut oil helps to awaken dormant follicles and intensify hair growth. Coconut oil contains a large amount of beneficial fatty acids. Lauric acid has a sebum-regulating antimicrobial effect, palmitic acid retains moisture, myristic acid nourishes and restores the hair structure, oleic acid supports the protective functions of the scalp and hair, linolenic and linoleic acids are essential fatty acids to maintain the barrier function of the skin and hair. Coconut oil perfectly nourishes the hair follicles, which promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

collagen for skin

All our hair manipulations do not pass without a trace:

  • Long-term perm or straightening.
  • Changing the structure of the hair, coloring, and daily styling – all this weakens the hair from the inside.
  • Depriving it of moisture and creatine.

Coconut oil restores the skin’s lipid barrier and enhances its natural defenses, preventing dryness, itching, and dandruff. Coconut oil in the composition of care products will help restore the healthy structure of the hair, sealing the moisture inside and making the hair shiny and silky again. If you have color-treated hair, coconut oil will help keep the color saturation longer by keeping the pigments in the hair structure. 

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