What should a proper breakfast consist of?

Skipping breakfast in the modern world is often commonplace. Someone prefers to sleep for a few more minutes instead of preparing food and cannot eat anything hearty in the morning. Meanwhile, not everyone realizes how much we sacrifice by refusing a good breakfast. And even the desire to lose weight is not a reason to starve in the morning. 

The fact that a full breakfast is good for health has long been proven by medicine. Among the positive aspects of eating in the morning are the following:

  • morning breakfast energizes for the whole day;
  • eating after waking up helps to include the digestive organs; 
  • if you eat a heavy meal in the morning, you will not want to have high-calorie snacks at work; 
  • proper nutrition, including breakfast as part of the diet, helps to strengthen the immune system; 
  • a brain enriched with glucose is better prepared for subsequent work; 
  • Finally, a full breakfast improves mood. 

By not skipping breakfast, you provide yourself with the strength for a productive start to the day, work or sports, and help the internal organs work properly.

Organization of breakfast

Meanwhile, for breakfast to bring maximum benefit, it is necessary to make some preparatory measures. Immediately after you wake up, it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water with the addition of lemon, which will help the body wake up and stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. After about half an hour, you can immediately proceed to breakfast. It should be noted that the human body loves healthy habits, and very soon, the morning meal will become a regular activity for you.

What should a proper breakfast consist of?

An important rule is to observe the golden mean everywhere. Breakfast should not be too high in calories. Moderation is essential in everything, and nutrition in this matter is no exception. If you overeat, you not only risk putting on weight but may also start to feel lethargic instead of energized. However, skipping breakfast or having it nominally in the form of a cup of coffee are also extremes and have a terrible effect on well-being because, at the same time, the body does not receive all the nutrients necessary for productive activity.

If you find it challenging to eat in the morning, you can change your habits gradually, introducing new dishes into the diet in small portions. In addition, deliciously prepared food, a beautifully laid the table, and light music will help turn breakfast from punishment into pleasure. But it is better to refuse to watch television news. 

Choosing foods for the proper breakfast

As mentioned above, in the organization of the diet, it is essential to adhere to harmony and moderation. Breakfast, like other meals, should not be excessively high in calories unless you have to work hard physically throughout the day. In the case of moderate physical activity or the presence of sedentary work, it is worth choosing lighter meals for breakfast. However, it must be remembered that they must include all the substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

What should a proper breakfast consist of?

Speaking of specific dishes, the following are great for breakfast:

  1. Porridge is made from whole grains. They contain many beneficial slow carbohydrates, which perfectly supply energy to the entire body. In addition, these cereals contain a lot of fiber, which stimulates the proper functioning of the digestive tract. And the many dietary fibers that make up these cereals give satiety for a long time. To enrich such a dish with valuable substances, nuts, honey, dried fruits, and milk can be added to cereals.
  2. Muesli, as well as coarsely ground or bran-containing bread. These dishes, like whole grains, contain a lot of slow carbohydrates and can also be combined with milk. Care should ensure that muesli does not have too much sugar and harmful additives. Wholemeal bread makes delicious and nutritious sandwiches.
  3. Egg dishes. They are very diverse and represent one of the best protein sources for the human body. Meat and vegetables can be added to several dishes, such as scrambled eggs and scrambled eggs, thereby increasing the nutritional value and benefits of the resulting meal.
  4. Dairy products. They include all kinds of cheeses, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, and yogurt. Choosing options without fillers and low in sugar and fat is desirable. They can be eaten on their own or mixed with honey and dried fruits, and in addition, they cook various dishes, such as cheesecakes. Such dishes help to enrich the body with calcium and protein and ensure proper bowel function.
  5. Low-fat meat. It, like eggs, is a storehouse of protein. Meat can be eaten as an independent product and added to other dishes, salads, cooked sandwiches with it, or put in pita bread. Remember: not all meat is healthy. Products such as sausages, smoked meats, and other harmful semi-finished products are best excluded from the diet.
  6. Vegetables and fruits. They contain a small number of calories but a lot of vitamins and fiber. Vegetables are eaten raw and processed or as smoothies, and various drinks are made from fruits. It is worth noting that drinking citrus juices on an empty stomach are undesirable.
  7. Tea and coffee. They are an excellent addition to the rest of the breakfast. Using natural coffee and green, black, or herbal tea is preferable. For additional taste, spices can be added to drinks.
What should a proper breakfast consist of?

Having discussed the dishes suitable for breakfast, it is worth mentioning those best avoided. These include:

  • fast food;
  • sweet pastries and cakes;
  • fried foods;
  • dishes with the addition of butter;
  • semi-finished products.

Prepare your breakfast with healthy and nutritious products and give yourself a healthy and good mood!

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