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What is Apple Classical? | Know your mobile

This is Apple’s application dedicated to classical music, but it is not yet available.

Wondering what Apple Classical is? Classical music fans rejoice at new hope for classical music to be broadcast Apple Music is about to get a lot better. Indeed, code has been found in beta software suggesting that Apple is about to launch an application dedicated to classical music. Here’s what you need to know…


Classical music on Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple’s most popular subscription service. For $9.99 per month, you get access to over 90 million songs. These songs cover virtually every possible genre, including classical music.

However, classical music fans have long been unhappy with the way Apple Music (and most other streaming services) categorizes and sorts classical music. This has given rise to many streaming services dedicated to classical music – although their subscriber numbers are obviously much lower than those of streaming music giants like Apple Music and Spotify.

But Apple wants to make Apple Music the best streaming service for all music fans, including classical music fans. That’s why last year Apple shut down a small classical music streaming service known as Primephonic.

What is Primephonic?

We have Primephonic cover in depth before. In short, it was a classical music streaming service and app that was very popular among classical music fans due to its wealth of 3.5 million classical music tracks and an app featuring of an awesome user interface.

Apple acquired Primephonic last August for an undisclosed amount. The reason? According to Apple:

“With the addition of Primephonic, Apple Music subscribers will enjoy a significantly enhanced classical music experience, starting with Primephonic playlists and exclusive audio content. In the coming months, Apple Music Classical fans will enjoy a dedicated experience with the best features of Primephonic, including better navigation and search capabilities by composer and repertoire, detailed views of classical music metadata, as well as new features and benefits.

As Primephonic co-founder and CEO Thomas Steffens said at the time: “Bringing the best of Primephonic to Apple Music subscribers is a tremendous development for the classical music industry. Artists love the Primephonic service and what we’ve done in classical music, and now we have the opportunity to partner with Apple to deliver the absolute best experience to millions of listeners. We can bring classical music to the masses and connect a new generation of musicians with the next generation of audiences.

However, it’s this “dedicated experience” mentioned by Apple that has really excited classical music fans…


Classic Apple app

Many have long assumed that Apple’s mention of a “dedicated experience” meant that Apple would not simply integrate Primephonic into Apple Music, but would release a dedicated Apple Music app for its classical music catalog. And now, thanks to beta code, it appears that’s exactly what Apple is planning.

Indeed, at the end of 2021, Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music and Beats, revealed“We love and have a deep respect for classical music, and Primephonic has become a favorite among classical music fans. Together, we are bringing new classical features to Apple Music, and in the near future we will offer a dedicated classical experience that will truly be the best in the world.

And now, thanks to a code leak in the latest Android music app beta, it looks like Apple’s dedicated classical music app could be launching soon. As 9to5Google reportsin the latest beta version, a code sting refers to the “Apple Classical” application:

Open in Apple Classical

This suggests that users will still be able to listen to classical music in the main Apple Music app, but they will also have the option to open that music in the new Apple Classical app, which should retain much of Primephonic’s functionality.

It’s unclear when Apple Classical might launch, but it’s possible we could see it at the March 2022 event to come or next time AirPods Pro launch.

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