What hair color suits blue eyes

Blue eyes are considered the most beautiful. If the eyes are of this color, you need to know the answer to the question: what hair color will suit blue eyes?

Changing the appearance of women is of great importance. It makes you feel attractive, feminine, and confident. It is generally accepted that ladies begin to change their lives with hair coloring.

However, this topic needs to be approached comprehensively. Surely, every woman is faced with the fact that the shade that matches the color of her eyes and skin is not always chosen correctly.

The choice of hair color depends on many nuances. Most people don’t know what to consider before choosing a painting, so they don’t regret anything later.

The two key criteria are skin type and eye color. Today’s post will tell you what hair color suits blue eyes.

Hair color and blue eyes – what you need to know

Hair color should be harmonious with skin tone and eye color to not look artificial.

Maintaining harmony between hair, eyes, and skin color is the key to success. The right combination will give an amazing effect.

Contrary to popular belief, blue eyes are suitable not only for blondes but also for brown and red hair owners.

What hair color suits blue eyes

Blue eyes are only found in about 7% of the world’s population. A common color is brown, estimated at 90 percent of the population.

Eye color is important when choosing a hairstyle. But this is not the only thing to think about. Skin tone is just as important and, according to some, even more important.

It’s not about light or dark skin but rather about the “temperature” of this shade. Some may have a warm complexion, others a cold one.

A warm complexion is slightly darker, looking tanned. The skin may have a peach, slightly golden hue.

As a rule, people with such skin have warm brown or green eyes. However, the owners of warm skin have blue or blue-gray irises.

The cold color is somewhat pale. This shade is a bit like blue. People with cold skin tend to turn red, with bright blue veins and prominent.

To find out what complexion, conduct the following test:

  1. Put two rings on your hand – one gold, the other silver;
  2. See carefully which ring suits your skin tone best.

If gold, the complexion is probably warm.

If silver is more suitable, the skin tone is cold.

What color enhances the beauty of blue eyes

Hair of blonde, brown and reddish shades looks best with blue eyes. This is a wide range of shades, depending on skin tone. The lighter, the better it looks with light shades of hair.

A fashionable and iconic combination should also be emphasized: blue eyes and blond. This color best emphasizes the beauty and depth of blue eyes.

Which blonde to choose? Every blonde will look beautiful: from golden tones to platinum with blue splashes.

What hair color suits blue eyes

However, you must remember that hair color should not be combined only with eye color. You should also consider the shade of the eyebrows and the tone of the face.

We must not forget about the shape of the face. These elements must be in harmony with each other and create a single whole.

As you may have guessed, black eyebrows and golden hair will not look good in a duet. However, if the hair is slightly darker, it will look consistent and beautiful.

In addition, you can also change the color of the eyebrows with henna or a cosmetic pencil.

What hair color suits blue eyes and fair skin

A light, cold complexion requires the company of cold shades. For blue-eyed people with fair skin, cool platinum blonde hair is best.

Paints of this shade are available in the line of each manufacturer of hair dyes.

To care for platinum hair, all kinds of toners or rinses in a purple shade are suitable, eliminating unwanted yellow tones.

Cool, fair skin and blue eyes are paired with cool brown undertones. You need to avoid beige and walnut shades.

Remember that the resulting color may be darker than expected when using dark inks. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly check the shade during dyeing and keep the product on the hair less than recommended by the manufacturer.

What hair color suits blue eyes

Fiery shades of red are suitable, emphasizing the eyes’ blue color. It can be combined with warm shades such as honey or amber.

What hair color suits blue eyes and warm skin

Owners of blue eyes and warm skin can also afford to be the owner of blonde or red hair. Blue eyes look great in combination with copper strands.

Beige and strawberry shades are also suitable for blue eyes. Ladies with warm skin will look natural with this color.

People with warm complexions and blue eyes may also opt for brown. However, not too dark. Even if warm, people with light irises have a relatively light skin tone.

What hair color suits blue eyes

What color to choose for blue eyes and dark skin

This type is ideal for warm tones. Suitable yellow and beige, as well as golden, copper or honey shades.

Blue eyes and a darker complexion are paired with warm browns like reds.

Red hair in intense shades, such as mahogany, is also suitable for women of this type.

It is better to abandon the ashy shades, which will not be so spectacular.

Perfectly matched hair color emphasizes the color of the eyes. To do this as best as possible, you should take the help of a professional.

Professional help can be invaluable when planning a bold hair color change. Properly selected hair color gives a feeling of beauty and complete comfort.

Modern trends don’t have to go hand in hand with the type of beauty. Before performing the procedure, you should listen to the comments of the hairdresser.

As you can see, almost any hair color can be chosen for blue eyes. Both blond and reddish or brown hair will work together, provided that the shade matches the skin tone.

However, with black colors, you need to be careful. As a rule, this color looks unnatural with blue eyes.


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