What anti-aging treatments work?

How to understand the abundance of anti-age procedures? What is shown and effective at different ages? What procedures can help to cope with age-related changes up to 30, 40, 50 years, and beyond?

Disclaimer: there is no concept of age in cosmetology. Any procedure, if indicated, can be done at an early age, such as correction of the nasolacrimal trough or collagen stimulation. Procedures are prescribed depending on the concerns and type of skin aging: fine-wrinkled, edematous-deformed, muscular, tired, or mixed.

Anti-aging treatments for up to 30 years 

It is important to remember that cosmetic procedures give only 20-30% of the result; the rest is properly selected home care daily. Today we have different high-quality anti-aging skin care methods using vitamin C, acids, and retinol. 

In combination with home care, peels help to give radiance and gradually even out skin tone. 

Injection techniques

The first thing that can be recommended to a young patient is botulinum therapy to prevent dermal creases and static wrinkles that appear with age due to the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

Everyone over 25 is shown a biorevitalization course every 6-9 monthsSaturation of the skin with hyaluronic acid (moisturizing it) will create a good substrate for the work of fibroblasts: they produce collagen, elastin fibers, and glycosaminoglycans.  

What anti-aging treatments work?

To work with post-inflammatory spots (post-acne), plasma therapy helps a lot.

It happens that even at this age, girls are worried about the loss of volume, for example, in the area of ​​​​the lips, cheekbones, or tear trough. This may be an indication of volume contouring. 

Hardware methods

Against vascular changes, hyperpigmentation, phototherapy (IPL), or other laser techniques can be connected.

Anti-aging treatments for up to 40 years

If we could afford preventive methods earlier, then from 30, we would start working more actively and responsibly. 

Injection techniques

From the age of 30, it is recommended to do biorevitalization of the skin of the face two times a year to replenish the skin’s hydro reserve, radiance, and hydration. You can also hydrate the skin in ​​the upper eyelid, under the eyes, and the skin of the hands and neck. 

Additionally, plasma therapy helps moisturize the skin, give it more radiance, and fight pigmentation.

Botulinum therapy is no longer carried out prophylactically but with a therapeutic purpose against creases, muscle hypertonicity, and static wrinkles. 

What anti-aging treatments work?

There may already be the omission of the oval of the face, various furrows, and loss of volume. Volumetric contouring helps to imitate bone structures and fat packages, for example, in the cheek-zygomatic region

Preparations based on calcium hydroxyapatite or polylactic acid, the so-called collagen stimulants, give a lifting effect: they help to give the skin density, elasticity, and firmness.

Hardware methods

There may already be indications for fat reduction and ligament work at this age or earlier. The so-called non-surgical facelift – SMAS-lifting (micro-focused ultrasound) helps to achieve a lifting effect.

You can reduce the severity of fat packages or facial volumes, work with flabbiness, lose elasticity, and enlarge pores using microneedle RF-lifting. 

During this period, absolutely everyone is shown phototherapy. A course 1-2 times a year will be enough.

Anti-aging treatments 40+ 

The same procedures are recommended depending on the solved problems: bio revitalizationplasma therapypeelingscollagen stimulation, and all hardware techniques. In addition, you can add the following:

Filling static dermal creases with a filler based on hyaluronic acid. For example, if botulinum therapy was started late or it no longer allows you to straighten wrinkles. 

You can also use resurfacing to reduce the skin flap, for example, in the area of ​​​​the upper or lower eyelids, work with skin quality and hyperpigmentation. A good preparation for them will be plasma therapy.

If there are indications, surgery can be connected. If necessary, it is best to do this as soon as possible. Patients recover more slowly with age due to changes in hormonal levels.

Anti-aging treatments 50+ 

Almost everything prescribed from age 35 is also applicable for patients over 50. Still, a lot of skin stimulation, the frequency of procedures, and additional preparation will be required to achieve a result. The response of unprepared skin to treatments will need to be stronger.

During this period, it is important to carefully approach the fillers selection. With the edematous-deformational type of aging, calcium hydroxyapatite-based fillers are selected so as not to provoke even more swelling.

In some cases, cosmetologists may already refuse to prescribe botulinum therapy. Contraindications are individual. 

Many women with an edematous-deformation type of aging think about thread facelift. Nevertheless, I recommend starting with hardware techniques (reducing fat packages, reducing ligaments) and maintaining their effect with injections. This approach is more effective and much less traumatic.

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