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Vultr and Virtuozzo Expand Global Multicloud Services for Enterprises and MSPs

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One of the world’s largest cloud computing platforms, Vultr, has expanded its partnership with full-stack cloud platform orchestrator Virtuozzo to deliver composable, high-performance cloud infrastructure with a multi-cloud application management capabilities for critical workloads globally to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Enterprises.

MSPs, ISVs, and enterprises can choose to use Vultr’s composable cloud, which delivers high-performance cloud computing, cloud GPU, bare metal, and cloud storage on a global scale, as They’re expanding their cloud infrastructure to support the acceleration and scalability of their large workloads. By expanding workloads to Vultr On the Virtuozzo application platform, customers can maximize the value for money on their multicloud investments, avoiding cost increases and vendor lock-in.

Enterprises are reportedly increasingly collaborating with MSPs to help them build and manage a variety of applications across on-premises and cloud environments due to the increasing complexity of their IT environments as they modernize and transform (Cloud, Hosting & Managed Services from 451 Research Market Monitor). This trend is expected to propel the managed services market as a whole to nearly $100 billion by 2026. Virtuozzo and Vultr now enable this multi-cloud application orchestration on composable cloud infrastructure to support these power-intensive workloads in data on an international scale.

“We are delighted to declare Vultr as our strategic partner. Through the integration of Virtuozzo’s multi-cloud application management experience with Vultr’s exceptional global cloud infrastructure, we are well-positioned to deliver a seamless and powerful solution that meets the evolving needs of contemporary businesses,” said Alex Fine, CEO of Virtuozzo. “This partnership represents a crucial turning point in our goal to open new avenues for efficient and scalable cloud solutions, enabling businesses to optimize performance and achieve unparalleled success in a rapidly evolving digital environment.

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Alex Fine, CEO of Virtuozzo
“This collaboration marks an important milestone in our mission to unlock new possibilities for efficient and scalable cloud solutions,” said Alex Fine, CEO of Virtuozzo.

Multicloud architecture, cross-cloud migration

MSPs, ISVs, and enterprises can now realize the greatest infrastructure and application benefits of multicloud architecture with Vultr’s high-performance cloud computing choices that are fully integrated into the broad platform. -Virtuozzo multicloud application form:

  • Improved multi-cloud flexibility and scalability – This agreement not only gives customers access to Virtuozzo’s wide range of cloud computing services, but it also gives them the ability to choose the cloud infrastructure available from Vultr. This would ensure that the cloud infrastructure can be properly scaled to meet the specific needs of each customer, thereby allowing the cloud presence to easily adapt to changing business demands and requirements. Additionally, the platform streamlines infrastructure control and application-level administration while enabling automatic migration between clouds, zero-code conversion of legacy applications, and a unified multi-cloud management interface.
  • Optimal profitability – Depending on local market conditions, optimal multicloud costs are made possible through the transparent selection of the most cost-effective Vultr cloud services and pricing models for various workloads. The licensing structure of Virtuozzo’s application platform is notable as it would be in line with actual resource consumption, thereby increasing overall profitability.
  • Local compliance and data residency – By storing and processing data within designated geographic boundaries, engineering teams can comply with local laws and regulations regarding data protection and privacy and store and process data within their boundaries .
  • Global geographic coverage – Vultr’s 32 cloud data center locations worldwide provide seamless access to strategically positioned composable cloud infrastructure, resulting in reduced latency, higher performance and an overall improved user experience.

JJ Kardwell, CEO of Constantthe parent company of Vultrsaid: “Thanks to our partnership with Virtuoso. Our expanded partnership, which embraces the concept of composability, now offers Virtuozzo customers a range of industry-leading full-stack cloud computing options with rapid scaling and paying only for what they use.

Virtuozzo is the latest partner to join Vultrfrom Cloud Alliance. The Cloud Alliance boasts a growing network of partners that includes Cloud 66, Backblaze, Nestify, Domino, Zeet, Yext, and Console Connect. This network allows businesses to build custom cloud operations from a pool of enterprise-grade IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers, allowing them to grow and adapt as needs change.

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