Valve avoids supply pitfalls with Steam Deck OLED launch

On October 12, 2022, Valve launched an updated version of its popular portable gaming PC, the Steam Deck, with an improved OLED display, longer battery life, and other improvements over the original.

According to a recent PC Gamer reportMany feared that Valve would face similar stock shortages with the OLED model, as when the original Steam Deck launched in February 2022. However, Valve appears to have properly prepared for OLED launch day this time around – this.

When the original Steam Deck became available for pre-order, stock sold out within hours. The new orders were placed on a long reservation list, with customers waiting months to receive their devices. Valve underestimated demand, leading to frustrating delays for impatient customers.

Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case with the Steam Deck OLED. Estimated delivery dates for the new $549 and $649 models still only indicate a 3-5 business day wait. Availability suggests Valve stockpiled units ahead of launch to meet demand. The original, cheaper Steam Deck at $399 is still available for fast delivery.

Valve spokesperson Jay Shaw said the company hoped to avoid previous supply issues. “We’re confidently hoping that everything will go well and that people won’t find themselves in reservations for months and months,” Shaw told media earlier this month.

This preparation seems to have paid off on launch day. Aside from minor issues with payment processing and an OLED delay in Taiwan, most buyers reported a smooth shopping experience with fast delivery estimates.

Valve still indicates that they are not yet ready to announce a full sequel to the Steam Deck. For now, the OLED model offers the best Steam Deck experience available with its beautiful screen and refined design.

photo by Rafael Guajardo.

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