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UK-based Colt DCS opens its first colocation data center in India

Colt DCS - Niclas Sanfridsson

Colt Data Center Services (DCS), a global provider of enterprise and hyperscale data center solutions, has made a significant entry into the Indian market. The inauguration of its flagship Navi Mumbai colocation data center would highlight Colt DCS’ strategic expansion and commitment to India’s growing digital transformation needs.

By 2024, projections would place India’s demand for data center capacity at 1,318 GW, with Navi Mumbai accounting for half of this demand. According to Colt DCS, it is clear that as the country moves into a more digital era, data centers will play a fundamental role in its technological infrastructure. Colt DCS hopes to become a significant player in this evolving landscape

Colt DCS’ latest addition to Navi Mumbai would stand out with its sprawling 15-acre estate that can accommodate up to 120 MW of IT electrical capacity. This “state-of-the-art” facility would provide customers with the greatest scalability and flexibility. With an architecture designed for adaptability, it is ready to support cutting-edge applications ranging from machine learning and high-performance computing to generative AI and other intensive cloud-based operations. The strength of the facility would lie in its ability to provide high power density solutions combined with efficient cooling mechanisms.

Green Data Center

At the heart of this scalability is robust infrastructure. The facility notably features an on-site 220 kV GIS substation equipped with a robust LILO configuration. Security would be paramount at the center, with multi-layered defenses in place, including access control, enhanced physical functionality and continuous monitoring. After an in-depth TVRA analysis, the site was classified as a low risk site, further enhancing its appeal.

The “Platinum” distinction recently awarded to the project by the IGBC – Green Data Center (India Green Building Council) testifies to Colt DCSto focus on sustainability. The colocation data center is primarily powered by green energy, which aligns with Colt DCS’ philosophy of global environmental responsibility. Such green initiatives would ensure that customers can achieve their sustainability goals.

Safety is a major concern for Colt DCS. The colocation data center operates under strict health and safety protocols. The company’s adherence to these rigorous standards was recently recognized by the Safety Engineers Association (SEA) with the Safety Excellence Award.

Nicolas Sanfridsson, CEO expressed the company’s forward-looking vision: “The launch of our facility in India underlines our commitment to becoming the industry’s leading customer-centric data center operator. We are uniquely positioned in the Mumbai market to serve the needs of large enterprises and hyperscale cloud providers. Our offerings are meticulously designed to support applications requiring extensive power, processing, cooling and security. The first phase of the Mumbai data center, with 22 MW of computing power and 18 MW of available capacity, has been launched. Our ambition does not stop there; We aim to expand our presence in major Indian cities, meeting the growing market demand.

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