This Super-Organized Fanny Pack Is Perfect for Parents

That secure pocket I talked about? It’s the perfect size to slip in a diaper and a small packet of wipes! My child is currently in a size four diaper, so YMMV if your child is bigger, but this has been a handy option when we’re doing a really quick run around the corner and just want the bare minimum of prep.

It also fits nicely into larger diaper bags – I had mine sitting on top of a Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag with my wallet and necessities, making them easy to find and leaving the rest of the bag for the kids’ stuff.

Obviously, there is one key element needed for a true diaper bag replacement missing: a changing pad. If you wanted a slim diaper fanny pack only with a changing pad, the slightly cheaper model No Party Club Sidekick ($85) covers these bases perfectly (but doesn’t fit much else in the bag itself).

The small things

The Tortuga Travel Sling offers some nice quality of life improvements. It has a king key in the organizer pocket. I also found the zippered pocket surprisingly roomy. I’ve thrown various things in there while traveling, including nasal spray (my toddler brings home every cold he can find), several hair ties, small packets of medicine, and even my keys when I wanted better separation between my sunglasses and sharp objects. .

The strap is thick and easy to adjust, but I particularly liked the magnetic buckle. It took me some getting used to – sometimes I would forget and get frustrated when I couldn’t find the clasp, only to remember it didn’t have one, but it was a more pleasant experience than the massive buckles I pinch onto with other hip bags.

I mainly wore it crossbody, but it also fits true to size, although a bit bulky. Overall, I found it easy to access and not too big when I was on the go or trying to find something. It’s my usual choice for daycare pickup and drop-off while balancing baby, his water bottle, and his constant attempts to escape me when I unlock the car. Although I can take a diaper on these trips in the secure pocket, I never do. What is life without a little risk, after all?

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