The safest states and cities in the USA – Ranking 2023

An incredible number of people come to the States hoping to find financial stability and physical security. Yes, compared to the vast majority of countries, the US wins. A high standard of living, social security, and the rule of law exist here. But these benefits are unevenly distributed. There are the safest cities in the US with a stable and measured life. And there are places where only some things are safe.

Only sometimes is this trouble a consequence of human activity. Sometimes it is just a bad ticket in tectonic or climate roulette. In the United States, there is rarely a news release without reports of a major or minor natural disaster. In addition to the threat to human lives, disasters affect the state’s economy.

Therefore, in answering this article, the question: “Where is the safest place to live in America?” I will focus on two main criteria:

  • crime level,
  • the danger of natural disasters.
The safest states and cities in the USA

In the first part of this article, you will find information about the states and cities with the lowest crime rate. The second – is a list of places where the risk of personally encountering a hurricane or earthquake will be minimal.

The safest US states and cities in terms of crime rates

Although this article is addressed primarily to immigrants, this practice is common in the United States. If a family wants to change their residence, they will consider not only the situation with employment and infrastructure. But he will find out what level of crime (criminal and economic) is observed in the place of interest.

The safest states in the US

According to the latest data, about 308 violent and 1958 crimes against property per 100,000 people are registered in the United States. These are country averages. In some states, this number is higher; in others, it is lower.

Statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program were used to rank the states with the lowest crime rates. This Program collects statistics on crimes of a different nature from 18,000 cities. The data is in the public domain. The rating is based on three criteria:

  • number of property crimes
  • number of violent crimes
  • overall crime rate.

Based on these data, a safety factor is derived. Below is a list of the states with the highest rates.

Vermont | Vermont

Safety factor: 69.49.

Ideal for: Those who want to keep their property.

The safest states and cities in the USA

Vermont tops the US states where it is safe to live and build a business. The state’s property crime rate is 27% below the national average. The rate of violent crime is 202.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Other advantages of Vermont are good ecology, developed tourist infrastructure, and the opportunity to receive financial assistance when moving to the state.

Maine | Maine

Safety factor: 66.24.

Ideal for: Feeling safe in your home.

The safest states and cities in the USA

Maine has one of the lowest levels of violent crime – 63% less than in the country. At the same time, more than 1.3 million people live here. And they are much less likely to witness property crimes. The state has some of the lowest prices for everything from residential real estate to medical services.

New Hampshire | New Hampshire

Safety factor: 65.35.

Ideal for: tax optimization.

The safest states and cities in the USA

Its security primarily attracts New Hampshire. There are only 152.5 cases of violent crime per 100,000 inhabitants. But he may also be interested in a favorable tax climate. Moving here means you will not have to pay income tax, sales taxes, or social security. The state is pleased with the rapid development of the labor market and beautiful landscapes.

Minnesota | Minnesota

Safety factor: 62.04.

Ideal for: Hazardous professionals.

The safest states and cities in the USA

Minnesota is one of the largest US states and ranked fourth in its overall safety ranking. This is based on the overall score. Because it is the first in terms of safety at the workplace and the third in terms of the quality of traffic, she also has excellent financial security records. Therefore, the state will be an excellent solution for representatives of dangerous professions: labor safety rules are strictly observed here.

Utah | Utah

Safety factor: 62.54.

Ideal for: Pedestrians and cyclists.

The safest states and cities in the USA

Why is Utah perfect for walkers and cyclists? This is because it has the lowest percentage of accidents and deaths due to drunk driving (in the US). The state has a low rate of violent crime and property crime. Utah is also ready for any emergency, guarantees workplace safety (third place in the country), and is pleased with road safety (seventh place among all states).

Connecticut | Connecticut

Safety factor: 62.12.

Ideal for: Those looking to change jobs.

The safest states and cities in the USA

Connecticut has one of the lowest violent crime rates at just 183.6 cases per 100,000 people. It is 40% safer here than the national average. Settlements are mostly small cozy towns. More than 500 large companies are based in the state and are constantly looking for employees. There are famous educational institutions.

Massachusetts | Massachusetts

Safety factor: 61.83.

Ideal for: professional development.

The safest states and cities in the USA

The total number of property crimes in the state is 753.7 cases per 100,000 people. This is 33% lower than the national average. The state’s economy is growing rapidly. Main industries: agriculture, high-tech industry, trade, and fishing. Recreational tourism is developed: there are many excellent locations for high-quality recreation. Enough first-class educational institutions.

Rhode Island | Rhode Island

Safety factor: 60.19.

Ideal for: Minimizing traffic.

The list of US states that are safe to live in would only be complete with Rhode Island. Its small area and population contribute to a low crime rate. The number of registered violent crimes per 100 thousand inhabitants is 221.1 cases. Note that violent crime often refers to fights between men without serious consequences, not criminal cases.

New Jersey | New Jersey

Safety factor: 57.25

Ideal for: Starting a family.

The safest states and cities in the USA

The state often appears in the rankings of where it is best to start a family. The reason for this is the excellent health care and education, good work, and a vibrant cultural and sports life. And, of course, safety. Only 206.9 violent crimes per 100 thousand of the population are registered here. And the property crime rate is 32% below the American average.

New York | New York

Safety factor: 55.74.

Ideal for: Teaching children.

The safest states and cities in the USA

New York is the richest state in the US and the country’s industrial center. Its population is just under 20 million people. However, it is quite safe. Only 1373.3 crimes against property per 100 thousand inhabitants are committed here. And the number of violent crimes is 29% below the US average. Life in the state is good, with quick access to New York City. Where they provide free education to all children from 5 to 21 years old: citizenship and immigration status do not matter.

Attention! See the Safest States 2022 article for a map of America with safety scores for each of the 50 states.

Rating of the safest cities to live

The rating of the best cities to live in the United States was compiled by SafeVaise, based on data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR). The service has compiled a list of the 100 safest American cities. The TOP 10 of this list is presented in the table below. It contains the following data:

  • City and state name.
  • The population as of 2022.
  • Violent crime rate (CV).
  • Coefficient of property crimes (PI).
1Lewisboro (Lewisboro Town)New York12,5330,00,0
2Wayland (Wayland)
3Rye _
New York15,6920,01,27
4Broadview HeightsNew York19,0590,11,0
5Franklin _Massachusetts34,2810,180,93
6Norfolk _
7Sparta TownshipNew Jersey18,4670,220,97
8Hasbrouck HeightsNew Jersey11,9880,02,42
9Berkeley HeightsNew Jersey13,3710,02,54
10Holden _ _ _

The authors of the rating note that all settlements have common features. These are predominantly small towns on the east coast with a suburban feel and higher family incomes. But the rating does not answer the question “What is the safest city in the US” with a 100% guarantee. Since not all settlements were taken into account when compiling it. The data of the Unified Program only guided the authors. But not all city administrations of the States transmit information for her – this is a voluntary program.

Attention! An extended ranking of cities by 100 points can be found here.

Ten safest cities in the US for natural disasters

The territory of the United States occupies almost half of the entire continent. These are dozens of mountain systems, including young ones, with high seismic activity. And different climatic zones, among which there are those where hurricanes are a frequent occurrence. Those states where natural disasters are frequent and expected are, for the most part, well prepared for them. People are informed in advance; all services work in a special mode. So some disasters pass with a minimum of consequences and casualties.

But it’s also okay to protect yourself or your family from these risks. Just keep reading if you’re looking for the safest city in the US right now regarding natural disaster risks. Next, you will find a rating of settlements where the number of cataclysms (happened or possible) tends to zero. It is based on the national risk index map maintained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

? Syracuse ( Syracuse, NY )

The city is located in the depths of the continent, away from seismic zones and regions characterized by tornadoes. The winters here are quite severe, and there is a risk of snowstorms. But this risk is insignificant because even FEMA names tornadoes among the most significant problems in the region. Although over the past 70 years, they have been observed in the vicinity of Syracuse only twice.

? Dayton ( Dayton, OH )

These maps show that Dayton’s most dangerous natural disasters are tornadoes and hail. And yet, the city is on the list of the safest cities in the United States. Why? First, all the tornadoes that occurred here had a low score. Second, Ohio is far from the top ten states regarding tornado danger. All other natural disasters here are rare.

? Salt Lake City ( Salt Lake City, UT )

The city has avoided almost all the risks of natural disasters due to its location: at a considerable height above sea level, in a warm climate zone, and far from the coast. The maximum that can be encountered is a cold snap and snow storms of low intensity. But they are more of an inconvenience than a problem.

? Spokane ( Spokane, WA )

The only natural disaster that can be encountered in Spokane is a short-term cold snap with minor ice storms. And these disasters do not cause catastrophic damage. The city is free from all other possible disasters, especially from abnormal heat.

? Bozeman ( Bozeman, MT )

The City of Bozeman has a low or minimal score on the risk index map for all disaster categories except avalanches. But they happen rarely and at a great distance from the city. So, of the real natural risks, only the cold characteristic of these places remains. And if you prepare for the winter in advance, it does not pose a danger.

? Charlotte ( Charlotte, NC )

The city is surrounded by rivers and lakes that can reduce the activity of approaching storm formations. Therefore, he has minimal scores in terms of storm activity. Slightly higher risks of tornadoes and lightning. But the risks of flooding are minimal or moderate, despite abundant water bodies.

? Minneapolis ( Minneapolis, MN )

Residents of Minneapolis can be calm about hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and earthquakes. All of these disasters received a minimal or low score. The risk of tornadoes is higher, but it concerns the state more than the city – here, they happen as rarely as possible. What you can face is frost and snowfall but without catastrophic consequences.

? Boulder ( Boulder, CO )

Boulder is at a high altitude, surrounded by mountain ranges that contain storm systems and nullify the risk of tornadoes. This place has a zero-risk rating. And according to FEMA, here, you can only face cold and avalanches.

? Allentown ( Allentown, PA )

The biggest risk in the city is winter weather. Due to prolonged low temperatures, tornadoes occur in Allentown (and, accordingly, there are moderate risks in this direction). But they are mostly weak and do not cause tangible damage.

? Detroit ( Detroit, MI )

Detroit may not be in the best economic situation. But a good situation in terms of natural disasters. The maximum that threatens this city is severe storms and cold air masses from the sea. And although the threat of a tornado is present, the real manifestations are minimal.

When deciding which US city is best to immigrate to, study all the available information about the options you like. Our rating will help to get a complete picture of the security in the country since it considers and evaluates cities and states on two criteria: safety from the point of view of crime and safety from natural disasters. It’s a good idea to first look at the states and cities listed in these rankings. Among them are enough of those where financial stability and excellent conditions for family life can supplement physical security.

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