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The Best Online Jobs of 2023: Choosing the Jobs of the Future

The best online jobs of 2023 will provide a stable income and confidence in the future because in-demand specialists only increase their value to the employer over the years. Moreover, by developing in any popular area, you can always deepen your specialization and become irreplaceable.

Of course, it is impossible to list all professions and areas within the framework of the article, so that we will outline only the most popular ones. In our article, we will discuss who is most in demand in marketing, design, education, and IT and what requirements are put forward for such specialists.

SMM manager

The Digital 2021 April global stats hot report showed that the number of people who use social media increased by 521 million users during the year. Entrepreneurs follow their consumers, which is why Instagram*, Facebook* and TikTok have a lot of business accounts.

An SMM manager must be well aware of the policies of each social network, be able to find an approach to different categories of users, and know and apply the basics of content and advertising management in their work.

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What skills should an SMM manager have?

  • Create a common image of consumers.
  • Create a marketing plan.
  • Make a beautiful and selling account.
  • Engage in filling the working page: upload photos, and videos, shoot stories, write interesting posts, and much more.
  • Promote your account through joint projects with millionaire bloggers.
  • Communicate with the audience.
  • Build a company community.
  • Follow progress.

This specialist should be able to write texts, communicate with people, analyze and correct errors in work, and create a design. In addition to his main activity, it happens that he is engaged in targeting (advertising that is shown to the target audience of a particular brand). And yet, this is often the job of a targeted advertising specialist.

Targeted advertising specialist

An equally popular online profession in 2023 is targeting specialists. This is a person who is well aware of the policy of social networks, develops advertising, and attracts users interested in the company’s services, using the created portrait of the target audience. Such a portrait is collected based on data on the age, place of residence, gender, and marital status of consumers. With the help of a single client image, targeted advertising is shown only to people who will be interested in the promoted product.

To be successful in this industry, a specialist must understand psychology and advertising and be able to collect and analyze user data.

Targeter Skills:

  • divide users into groups;
  • indicate how much money you need to invest in advertising;
  • write texts and design;
  • develop and place ads on different platforms;
  • engage in analysis and improvement.

The targetologist should be aware of any changes in social networks and be able to solve problems with the technical support of sites.

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is engaged in website promotion in Google or Yandex search engines through special requests. To successfully bring the site to the first lines in the search, the SEO specialist collects a lot of data, embeds keywords on the pages, and creates a holistic image.

A person in this profession must understand how search engines work and know what rules exist for filling sites.

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SEO Skills:

  • analysis of the site;
  • compiling a list of keywords and phrases;
  • change the content of the site through frequent search queries;
  • increase the number of transitions to the site due to links to other resources, thereby promoting it in the search;
  • monitor promotion performance.

SEO-optimization specialists can combine the work of copywriters, designers, and developers, compose tasks for them and control the whole process.

An SEO specialist will be in the right place to have Google and Yandex analyst certificates.

Best Online Jobs in IT

System Administrator

A system administrator is a person who is very well-versed in technology and knows how a computer works. He ensures that the computer system works properly and is also responsible for data safety.

Becoming a system administrator with certain knowledge and skills is possible. In addition to the fact that a specialist in this profession should be well-versed in how a PC and a computer network work, he needs to understand programming.

 To summarize, the system administrator identifies violations in the operation of a computer or network, eliminates them, writes a report about this, and makes a list of recommendations for improving security. This profession is one of the best online careers in 2023. To become a system administrator, you need to learn to be one. A good option to improve your skills and gain a lot of experience would be an internship in a company, which is not difficult to find because specialists in this field are needed everywhere.


The tester is the second most important person involved in developing programs, applications, and games. Thanks to it, programmers have more time to develop new projects or fix bugs that a tester may find during their work.

Testing can be done in two ways:

  • Manual. The person who tests the application this way can understand programming without understanding programming. He actively uses the developed program and notes what errors, inaccuracies, and incorrect displays are in his work. Recently, this type of verification has become less relevant.
  • Automatic. Here the tester should already understand programming languages. He does not have to be able to develop applications; it is enough to know how tests are written, what could be the cause of the problems that have arisen, and give correct and sensible recommendations for correcting errors.

Website developer

People who know how to develop websites are very much needed now. They are hired to create websites to sell products, develop browser programs, communities, etc.

Frontend developers ensure that the site is displayed and works equally correctly on all devices so that all buttons, fields for filling, etc., are active. And Fullstack specialists collect into one whole everything that people from the above categories created.

Website developer
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 Website developer steps:

  • accepts an order with a technical task;
  • controls all stages of website creation: design, advertising, and much more;
  • development of high-quality software;
  • deals with technical documentation;
  • At the end of development, checks whether the created resource works correctly and corrects the errors found;
  • demonstrates the work done to the customer;
  • Continues to maintain the site in the future.


A programmer has a lot of options for working: developing codes, creating applications, programs, games, etc. Since there are a huge number of programming languages ​​and one person is unlikely to be able to work with all of them, programmers are different:

  • JavaScript (works with HTML documents).
  • Python (has a wide area of ​​work).
  • JAVA (universal, but most often develops applications for the Android system).
  • C++ (generic).
  • PHP (website development).
  • 1C.

Different types of work – different wages. The highest salary is for JAVA, JavaScript, and iOS programmers. At the same time, Python is the most popular programming language.

Top 4 Online Design Jobs of 2023

Web Designer

The main task of a web designer is to create beautiful graphics and visual components for websites, applications, and communities.

He thinks over how the resource will look, creates color palettes, selects fonts for texts, and makes the most advantageous compositions for the arrangement of information.

Sometimes, a web designer can work on the transitions between pages and monitor the site’s usability.

Web Designer
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The profession of a web designer involves working in a team because programmers, layout designers, user interface designers, and developers work with him on the project.

This Specialist’s Responsibilities:

  • creating a layout of the site being developed;
  • know the basics of usability;
  • understand user interface design;
  • ability to work in programs such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, and the like;
  • understand how web pages are laid out;
  • have the skills in text formatting and know the rules of design;
  • create beautiful content for each section on the resource;
  • understand the differences in operating programs on computers, Android, and iOS systems.

UX designer

User Experience (UX) translated from English – user experience.

A specialist in this popular profession is responsible for the site’s easy, convenient, and understandable functionality. The UX designer does everything so that the user, having entered the site, can easily find what he went there for.

The purpose of competent functionality is for a person to make a purchase on the site or do something else significant for the company (register, subscribe, download the application, call, etc.).

Previously, layout designers and web designers were responsible for user experience, but every year UX design is separated from them.

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What a UX designer should know and be able to do.

  • Develop the path that the client will take on the site.
  • Create a draft version using special programs.
  • Learn how to make the user experience positive.
  • Know how HTML is done.
  • Beautifully format the text and understand the theory of design.
  • Good for teamwork.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a person who develops advertising banners on a website, designs buttons, icons, and an information block in social networks creates graphics for computer games, and much more.

A separate direction in graphic design is the development of a company’s corporate identity. It includes the logo, trademark, fonts, etc.

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What skills should a graphic designer have?

  • Be able to compose compositions, and understand the theory of design and text formatting.
  • Understand UX design.
  • Must be able to work in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDraw.
  • Be proficient in drawing.

Interior designer

Thanks to this person, it becomes cozy and beautiful in a new house, office, or apartment, and the bored interior begins to play with new colors.

The interior designer is engaged in the development of projects taking into account the wishes and taste preferences of customers. The design project includes sketches, drawings, sketches, plans for each room, decoration, and estimates. A representative of this profession selects furniture, lamps, and decor for the interior.

What should an interior designer have?

  • Good taste and knowledge of modern design trends.
  • Knowledge of ArchiCAD, 3ds Max, SketchUp, and others.
  • Be able to work collaboratively with other people.
  • Know the theory of architecture, engineering, and construction.

The Best Online Jobs in Education

  • Producer at online school (info producer)

This person is engaged in opening online schools and promoting training courses. In this profession, it is very important to be bold and decisive, to be able to achieve your goals and to have leadership qualities.

  • Online course teacher

Suitable for those who have experience and knowledge in any field and can and want to share it with other people. Such a person needs to be able to convey information to his students, to be open and communicative, and then he will be able to teach people what he is well versed in easily.

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  • Methodist online courses

This profession is synonymous with instructional design, methodology, online course development, and online teaching.

The Best Online Jobs in Education

The methodologist develops a training plan from start to finish and prepares teachers for webinars. Analyzes how good the response is from the audience and tries to make it even better. Monitors innovations and implements them into the course, so it is always up to date.

  • Chatbot architect

This specialist creates a system in which information comes to a person gradually during training. It makes social media communication easier and more automated. This online profession is getting more and more popular in 2023.

  • Online school manager

This person controls the activities of online schools and improves the quality of learning processes. He is responsible for promotion. This job involves teamwork.

The specialties listed above are just the tip of the iceberg because there are many more online professions, and their importance will only grow yearly.

You can learn from anyone; the main thing is to soberly assess your capabilities and understand what your soul is for. When you understand exactly what you want to do, you can safely sign up for online courses. The educational portal GeekBrains will teach you how to master any modern online profession and help with employment after graduation. But all your further development depends only on you.

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