The Best Luxury Gifts for 2023

They say it’s better to give than to receive — but whoever came up with this particular idiom had clearly never looked at one of WIRED’s lofty gift lists. Bank account-burning prices aside, we would be very happy to receive one of these magnificent objects because, as diverse as they are, each represents the pinnacle of their art, the zenith of exclusivity and the very frontier tasteful, which only makes us covet them more.

Such a list, of course, has nothing to do with practicality: beyond simple affordability, such notions take a back seat when you’re faced with something so expensive that you’re too terrified to use it.

So consider this compilation a test of courage as well as temptation. And who knows? If you’ve done particularly well this year (we consider world peace the bare minimum, TBH), you might make Santa’s very, very, very good list.

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