The benefits of swimming that you never imagined

Practicing physical activity is an excellent remedy for health. Still, some benefits of swimming are more powerful than other modalities, although the reverse is also true.

Therefore, the choice of physical exercise should consider the practitioner’s preference, their body characteristics and limitations, their goals, and the benefits of the activity.

So, to perform the most suitable modality, you will learn about the benefits of swimming in this content. Check out!

What are the benefits of swimming?

Swimming offers benefits for both the body and the mind. And despite being an aerobic activity that accelerates the heartbeat, people of all ages can practice this physical activity. Of course, except for those who suffer from a condition that must be examined in a medical evaluation.

Incidentally, everyone needs to assess before starting a physical activity. That’s because there are some problems that can be exacerbated by performing the exercises.

For example, swimming is very suitable for those who have osteoporosisIn addition to stimulating the production of bone tissue, water also decreases the impact of movements, unlike other modalities.

But there are degrees, defined by the bone densitometry value, representing the amount of bone tissue loss.

This loss starts in a milder state called osteopenia, where the loss is 1 to 2.5 standard deviations (SD). Osteoporosis is a more severe state, with an SD above 2.5. Therefore, the higher this value, the more severe the condition.

Anyway, if you can carry out the activity, you have nothing to worry about because you will only be able to extract the benefits.

So, see below for the main health benefits of swimming.

Benefits of swimming for the body

Swimming is an activity that works for several muscle groups at the same time, and this is a condition that favors weight loss. And as the body loses weight, the musculature strengthens, promoting muscle definition. That is, the muscles become more rigid and visible under the skin.

Another positive point is that the modality improves flexibility and posture because it also acts on the joints in addition to muscle strengthening. These benefits also positively affect motor coordination and balance.

Benefits of swimming for the female body

One of the biggest benefits of swimming for women is that the activity regulates the production of hormones, including females. So, it is possible to see an improvement in PMS and menopause symptoms, as hormonal changes cause them.

Swimming also plays a very important role for pregnant women, which you will see below.

Benefits of swimming during pregnancy

Swimming is very suitable for pregnant women because it is a low-impact modality. Therefore, it poses no risk to the life of the woman or the baby.

Furthermore, as the fetus develops and grows, the woman’s body adapts to the new structure and compresses other regions to make more space for the uterus. The body also tries to compensate for the belly weight by overloading other regions. Because of these conditions, many pregnant women suffer from urinary incontinence and lower back pain.

The benefits of swimming that you never imagined

To combat these symptoms, it is recommended to practice swimming because it strengthens the pelvic area and the lumbar muscles. Other than that, water also helps relieve belly weight.

Decreasing leg swelling is another benefit of swimming for pregnant women, who often suffer a lot from the changes in the body to receive the baby, such as weight gain.

That is, practicing swimming during pregnancy provides an improvement in quality of life.

Benefits of swimming for men

In addition to several benefits in common with women, swimming for men can promote weight loss much faster. This happens because, in addition to the already-fast metabolism, water facilitates heat exchange between the body and the environment, increasing energy consumption.

The benefits of swimming that you never imagined

The effects on muscle gain are also greater because one of the functions of the male hormone, testosterone, is to promote muscle growth.

Benefits of swimming for respiratory diseases

Those who practice the activity can notice many benefits of swimming for the lungs and the heart since the physical effort increases the capacity of the organs to perform their functions and strengthens their musculature.

In addition, activity increases blood circulation and oxygen absorption, contributing to the treatment and prevention of various diseases related to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

For example, swimmers are less likely to develop asthma and bronchitis. Like those who suffer from these problems, they see a significant improvement over time.

Benefits of swimming for the mind

In addition to the effects on the body you’ve seen, swimming has many benefits for the brain (which comprises the brain and other structures).

As you saw earlier, activity increases blood flow and improves oxygen uptake. One of the muscles that also benefited is the brain because it improves its processing speed that is also benefited is the brain. After all, it improves its processing speed. Consequently, it improves concentration, learning, memory, and reflex capacity.

swimming for the mind

Swimming also positively affects the mind, especially because it regulates the production of hormones and neurotransmitters responsible for well-being and happiness, such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.

And they help improve mood, stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and confidence. In short, one of the most important benefits of swimming is improved mental health.



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