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Tencent Cloud Launches Web3 Native Blockchain RPC, in Collaboration with Ankr

Tencent Cloud

Tencent Blockchain RPC, the company’s first Web3 native solution, was launched by Tencent Cloud, the cloud division of the multinational technology company Tencent. This new product, co-developed with Ankr, aims to provide Web3 builders with reliable Web3 infrastructure and development services.

Tencent Cloud hopes to provide a reliable and fast solution blockchain node infrastructure solution by launching Blockchain RPC, which would help developers stay competitive in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

To ensure the high degree of reliability of the underlying node architecture, the recently released RPC service – which allows developers to easily access data and execute transactions on a number of blockchains – was created in partnership with blockchain service provider Ankr. Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC would enable ultra-low latency blockchain network interaction, allowing developers to focus on building decentralized applications.

In addition to providing “effortless” blockchain When it comes to accessibility, Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC helps businesses and Web3 initiatives overcome the constraints and challenges associated with building their own nodes. These restrictions come from the significant labor and resource costs associated with deploying, maintaining, and upgrading nodes when rapid updates to the blockchains themselves are required.

The new solution also solves the problems of insufficient availability and stability, because nodes can be vulnerable to malicious attacks, hardware malfunctions, and network outages that could impact application functionality. Additionally, the service provides a solution to the problem of elastic scalability, as single nodes are unable to scale flexibly during times of high competition and sudden spikes in query volume.

“With the launch of our first Web3 native product, Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC, we look forward to further demonstrating our commitment to the global Web3 community with partners like Ankr,” said Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International. Tencent Cloud is pleased to be able to facilitate the development of decentralized applications and provide developers with new features. We are also well equipped and ready to continue evolving to meet market demands and provide the best Web3-related features and services.

Hong Kong and Singapore Availability Zones

“The start of our partnership with Tencent Cloud is a pivotal moment for Ankr and indicates the progress the decentralized internet has made in integrating with the critical infrastructure of the broader web ecosystem,” said Stanley Wu, co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) of Ankr. “This opens the door to a period of faster development of blockchain applications, whether from established companies or emerging Web3 projects. It also leaves room for more cooperation and creativity.

Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC Capabilities

Two versions of Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC will be available: public, which is free and has predefined features and pricing restrictions, and premium, which is pay-as-you-go and offers higher query throughput and better rate limits .

In the near future, Tencent Cloud BlockchainRPC will also provide an enterprise-only version of the service that will support other blockchains and geographies. Additionally, the public and premium editions of the service will eventually include additional supported blockchains and a sophisticated API interface.

According to Tencent, due to AnchorWith node experience, the newest offering has a significant competitive advantage in the market due to its high concurrency performance, which can support a normal query volume of up to 1,800 queries per second and per chain. Tencent Cloud would ensure high availability, ultra-low latency RPC services and high disaster tolerance using over 10 years of expertise in cloud services. With Tencent Cloud Performance Services, it would also bring ultra-high throughput and major interface latency of less than 5ms. The solution would reduce the risk of single outages and increase user resilience by ensuring service stability and availability through distributed design and efficient load balancing.

Tencent Cloud’s first Web3 product is now available to customers worldwide in the Hong Kong and Singapore availability zones. With the planned introduction of additional layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains, it currently offers three well-known blockchains – Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain and Polygon PoS – top blockchain interaction capabilities. Tencent Cloud BlockchainRPC aims to enable developers and projects to accelerate the development of Web3 innovations in concert with Tencent Cloud’s user engagement tools, security solutions and cloud infrastructure.

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