Ten Habits to Quit if you have acne

Acne treatment includes both professional treatments and home treatments. It is equally important to give up habits that provoke rashes and aggravate the course of the disease. Let’s take a closer look at these habits.

 1. Washing too often

Cleanliness is the key to health, and owners of problem skin often try to wash as often as possible to not give the slightest chance to the bacteria that causes acne. However, washing too often can strip the skin of natural protective lubrication and even trigger increased sebum production.

Ten Habits to Quit if you have acne

And if you also use aggressive cleansers, there is a high risk of overdrying the upper layer of the epidermis and causing irritation.

How right? If the dermatologist has yet to give other recommendations, washing your face in the morning and evening is enough. After sports training, instead of washing, you can use cleansing lotions.

2. Rubbing the face

Owners of oily skin often treat their face with insufficient care and carefully rub it with hard towels or treat it with special brushes or rough scrubs to achieve a feeling of cleanliness.

Do not do this: damage to the epidermis can stimulate sebum production. Do not abuse any exfoliating agents so as not to aggravate acne.

How right? Give preference to soft scrubs; use them no more than twice a week. Instead of a hard towel, pat your face with a soft one.

3. Dirty towels

You may have your favorite body and hand towels, but a face with problematic skin should not be wiped with the same towel again – the risk of introducing bacteria and dirt onto cleanly washed skin is too great.

How right? You can use disposable towels or keep a stack of reusable ones at home so you can use a clean one every time you wash your face. By the way, it is also better to wipe the sweat off your face in the gym with disposable wipes!

4. Unsuitable products

It is unlikely that the owner of oily skin will buy a product for dry and very dry, but everyone can choose some universal cream for all skin types. And it is better not to do this if you have acne: problem skin needs special care. It is necessary to abandon alcohol-based products and those with a high content of oils.

Ten Habits to Quit if you have acne

How right? It would be best if you chose cosmetics for skin with acne, problem skin.

It’s good if the product is marked “non-comedogenic” or “does not clog pores.” The ideal option is to buy cosmetics on the recommendation of a dermatologist.

5. Frequent changes in acne products

Acne looks unattractive, and the desire to eliminate them as quickly as possible is quite understandable. And then there’s advertising constantly offering new facial products to eliminate acne. As a result, girls are constantly testing new acne products without giving them a chance to work on acne. How right? Have patience!

First, you must visit a dermatologist and use the recommended products for at least two months. If there is no effect, take your time changing the drug – consult your doctor first! Many medicines take time to resolve skin problems.

6. Misuse of acne medications

Why not apply more product to the skin than recommended because the result will be better? Or it’s worth applying a remedy intended for pimples to the entire face to prevent new rashes. Or, on the contrary, save the drug and apply it, not twice a day, but once a week. No, no, and one more time, no! Incorrect use will make medicines useless at best and even harmful.

How right? Follow the recommendations of the doctor who prescribed the drug. If no special instructions have been given, use the product as directed on the package. Experiments in such matters are categorically inappropriate.

7. Pimple popping

Everyone knows that this is harmful, but how to resist if a tubercle with a black dot or a purulent head appears on the face? It is enough to press on it properly, and the problem will be solved. But you don’t have to do this.

Ten Habits to Quit if you have acne

How right? And again – patience! Self-squeezing acne almost inevitably leads to infection and the spread of inflammation. The skin is injured, and scars may remain on it. So it is better to entrust the cleaning of pores to a professional – the doctor knows how to make the skin clean and smooth without risk to its health.

8. Using a cell phone

Every time you touch your face with a mobile phone, grease, sweat, and dirt are left on the screen, which is transferred to the skin the next time you touch it.

And the more often this happens, the greater the risk of skin infection.

How right? Regularly wipe your cell phone with wipes; even better, use Bluetooth or speakerphone.

9. Sleeping With Makeup

After the party, you want to collapse into bed without spending precious minutes washing off your makeup. If you succumb to the temptation, the pores become clogged, and the skin’s breathing is disturbed. In addition, makeup remains on the pillowcase, contributing to skin infection.

Ten Habits to Quit if you have acne

How right? Take a few minutes to cleanse your skin of makeup and impurities, and then go to bed. It is also recommended to change pillowcases more often.

10. Diet Neglect

While scientists cannot unequivocally say that the use of certain foods leads to the appearance of acne, however, some patterns have been identified.

For example, those who abuse carbohydrates and consume little dietary fiber are more likely to suffer from acne.

How right? Restricting simple carbohydrates is the basis of a healthy lifestyle; such a diet will always be useful. You don’t need to give up some products completely, but if you eat more vegetables and fruits and fewer cakes, then the skin (and the body as a whole) will surely thank you.

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