Seven foods we eat wrong

Eating habits are formed in childhood. It is quite natural that already at a conscious age, we eat certain foods in the way we have long been accustomed to. But, over the decades, “approaches” to proper nutrition have changed a lot – and this is confirmed by scientific research. A reasonable question arises – did mothers and grandmothers teach us how to cook “correctly”?

Together with specialists, we will present a list of products many of us unfairly “offend” by serving them incorrectly. How do you preserve the maximum of useful substances by preparing your favorite dish from “usual” products?


Surely, before cooking potatoes, you first cut the peel from vegetables. But is it worth it if it contains the greatest amount of useful substances? Surprisingly, the skin of one medium potato contains almost half the daily value of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, and phosphorus! And the varieties of purple potatoes are most useful – choose those.

Seven foods we eat wrong

Therefore, if you like potatoes “in uniform,” do not peel the peel from the fruit – after cooking, it softens and is easily chewed. And young vegetables can be baked in the oven just like that, only after washing them under running water.


You should refuse to eat boiled potatoes directly with the peel if you notice that the fruits have turned green. These are old, overgrown vegetables that have accumulated corned beef toxin. Of course, to be poisoned by this substance, you need to eat a few kilograms of raw potatoes. But still, you should not allow the accumulation of harmful substances in the body.


We often prepare salads in which tomatoes are the main ingredient. Fresh vegetables are very tasty and healthy. But they will become even more useful if you first put them out a little in the water!

Seven foods we eat wrong

This is because tomatoes contain lycopene. This substance has a powerful antioxidant and protects the body from cardiovascular diseases. Notably, the amount of lycopene in stewed tomatoes is significantly higher. At the same time, it is absorbed faster.


Lycopene is a fat-soluble substance. For it to be fully absorbed by the body, it is better to eat tomatoes with fatty foods. And the best option here is vegetable oils. They are sources of healthy fats and do not “overload” the body with cholesterol. When stewing vegetables, add a little oil to the water – olive oil, for example.


Carrots are rich in carotene – they improve immunity, positively affect vision, and protect the body from cardiovascular diseases. It is believed that raw vegetables are healthier because vitamins and minerals do not “evaporate” from them. But in the case of carrots, everything is not so – carotene from a boiled vegetable is better and faster absorbed by the body! Therefore, if possible, heat-treat carrots before eating them.

Seven foods we eat wrong


The next time you cook soup, add not grated carrots to the broth, but the whole vegetable, after washing it! The fact is that when cutting carrots, the area of ​​\u200b\u200b “washout” of nutrients from it increases. In the whole vegetable, after cooking, there will be more vitamins. And you can cut it after cooking.


Take a cue from the British by adding milk to freshly brewed tea. Forget! This is not the healthiest option for a family tea party.

There are several reasons for this. Milk “interrupts” the true taste and aroma of the drink. In addition, milk protein “neutralizes” the action of beneficial substances from tea, which have a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system – polyphenols. Plus, milk proteins slow down the process of assimilation of bioflavonoids from tea by the body – and this substance has a powerful anticarcinogenic effect. It turns out that two useful products, when mixed, give an opposite effect – no benefit!


Instead of milk, add lemon juice to your tea. Vitamin C will contribute to better absorption of nutrients from the drink.


Everyone knows the antimicrobial properties of garlic – a popular folk remedy for colds. But to “improve your health,” do not rush to eat a couple of cloves of garlic immediately – it is better to chop them first no earlier than 10 minutes before use!

And there is a simple explanation for this. Allicin is responsible for the antimicrobial properties of garlic. But it’s not in the product itself. Allicin is formed as a result of chemical reactions from alliin. And for this chemical reaction to occur, you need to break the integrity of the garlic – crush or cut it.


Finely chop the garlic and wait 10 minutes – allicin will be released, and the product will acquire antimicrobial properties.


Strawberries are not only delicious but also very healthy berries. It contains a lot of vitamin C. But the substance is quickly destroyed by oxygen. Therefore, when cutting strawberries, you lose valuable vitamins! Eat it whole after washing and separating the stalk.


Are you making preparations for the winter by freezing fresh strawberries? A great way to preserve vitamins in berries! But in this case, do not forget the rule of eating whole strawberries. Sort, wash and send only whole berries to the freezer – you can “pack” them in portions in plastic containers or bags.


Broccoli is a valuable vegetable with many vitamins (C, A, and K) and minerals (copper, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus). And so that all the useful substances get to you and not “evaporate,” it is better to eat the vegetable raw! If this option does not suit you at all, steam the broccoli. But boiling or stewing cabbage (even for a short time) is not recommended!

Not everyone likes broccoli because of the “neutral” taste of the vegetable. But is this a reason to refuse such a useful product? Adding salt in large quantities is not recommended, but hot peppers or other spices are quite acceptable – they will only enhance the beneficial properties of cabbage.


Ready for broccoli? Use not only inflorescences but also thick stems! They contain an impressive amount of useful substances.


Be responsible not only for the choice of products but also for how they are prepared. The more useful substances remain in them, the more useful your diet will be!


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