SecuX Shield BIO improves cryptographic security

SecuX has unveiled its latest creation, the Shield BIO card-style hardware wallet. The Shield BIO combines biometric fingerprint authentication with the convenient size of a credit card.

SecuX BIO Shield

At the heart of this wallet is the military-grade Secure Element chip, synonymous with the robust security features of all SecuX hardware wallets, ensuring digital treasures are protected. Incorporating biometric technology enhances this security, ensuring that only authenticated users can access their assets.

“Our industry trajectory underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled blockchain security solutions. The Shield BIO Card Wallet demonstrates our unwavering dedication to security, functionality and stylish design,” commented Peter Chen, CEO of SecuX.

The depth of SecuX’s commitment to blockchain security shines through its diverse product line. Highlights include the V20 crypto wallet, renowned for supporting over 10,000 coins and tokens, and the SecuX Nifty – an NFT display hardware wallet that won the prestigious iF design award in 2023.

Additionally, the company’s payment terminals are adapted to the ever-changing crypto sphere; and the XSEED series, offering robust steel cold storage solutions, further strengthens its position in the blockchain community.

The year 2023 was particularly notable for SecuX, marked by key alliances with cybersecurity giant Trend Micro, the birth of the co-branded wallet W20 and a collaboration with ASUS Metaverse on the groundbreaking NFT initiative MnemonicX 2048 linked to the ‘soul.

“In an ever-changing world of cryptography, the demand for robust yet user-centric security solutions is growing exponentially. Shield BIO is not just a product; it’s an assurance of peace of mind,” underlined Peter Chen.

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