Sam Altman’s Sudden Exit Sends Shockwaves Through OpenAI and Beyond

Earlier this month, Altman hosted OpenAI’s first developer conference and announced plans to create an app store for AI agents based on its technology. Altman was also courting Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds for the development of AI chips that would compete with those of Nvidia, according to at Bloomberg. The information has already been reported that Altman was exploring the possibility of developing AI-oriented hardware in collaboration with former Apple designer Johnny Ive with funding from Softbank.

Disagreements over prioritizing safe AI development led several prominent OpenAI researchers to leave the company and found competitor Anthropic.

The development of OpenAI’s most powerful language model, GPT-4, has sparked an unprecedented debate about whether AI can evolve beyond human control. In July, Sutskever became co-leader of a “Superaligned group” at OpenAI, dedicated to producing “technical breakthroughs to direct and control AI systems much smarter than us.”

Speaking at the APEC CEO Summit in San Francisco last week, Altman noted that the company had made progress in developing a more powerful successor to GPT-4. “Four times now in OpenAI history – most recently in the last two weeks – I have had the opportunity to be in the room as we push back the veil of ignorance and the frontier of discovery forward,” he said. .

Many in the tech industry have spoken out in support of Altman or criticized the OpenAI board for its actions.

“What happened today at OpenAI is a board coup we haven’t seen since 1985, when Apple’s board ousted Steve Jobs,” said angel investor Ron Conway. written the. ” It’s shocking ; it is irresponsible; and that doesn’t sit well with Sam & Greg or any OpenAI builders.

“Sam Altman is one of my heroes,” Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO job. “He built a company from nothing to a value of $90 billion and changed our collective world forever. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

OpenAI announced that Altman would be replaced by Mira Muratiformer CTO of OpenAI, who is serving as interim CEO while the company searches for a permanent replacement.

Some OpenAI employees seemed to suggest that Murati had been the company’s de facto leader for some time.

“In the madness of ChatGPT training, @miramurati was the one who made the final decisions during daily stand-ups” Evan Morikawa, Head of Engineering at OpenAI written the. “She has been running this business for years and will continue to do incredible work here.”

Altman, who has little financial interest in OpenAI, spoke to X in the hours after his ouster to suggest he might reveal more about the circumstances of his departure. “If I start leaving, the OpenAi board should sue me for the full value of my shares,” he wrote.

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