Protein for weight loss for women: which is better

In modern gyms and fitness clubs, the number of women involved is no less than men. And this is not surprising because the combination of different loads gives the girls excellent results, making the figure athletic and fit. 

To achieve the result, not only physical exercises are used, but also nutritional supplements. 

Today we will talk about the effect of protein. Or rather, let’s figure out how effective protein is for losing weight for women and which type is better to choose. 

About the effect of protein on weight loss 

Almost everyone has heard that women must take protein shakes when training for relief. But this fact formed the wrong conclusion that this sports supplement is a fat burner. Moreover, it is quite effective since it is so strongly promoted. However, this needs to be corrected.

And about whether protein is needed for weight loss and why we will tell further. 

Mechanism of action 

Protein intake does not directly affect fat burning. However, it has other beneficial properties that accelerate weight loss. 

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These positive effects include: 

  • Muscle recovery

Protein accelerates the recovery of muscle tissue, in particular, and the whole organism as a whole. This applies to both strength and cardio training. 

This effect helps to engage more often and more intensely. And this, in turn, leads to an acceleration of metabolism, additional energy consumption, and improved fat burning. 

  • Suppression of hunger

Reception of such a cocktail suppresses hunger for a couple of hours. And in the case of using its “slow” type – casein, this effect lasts for 5-6 hours.

In addition, the drink mixed with water has a low-calorie content – 120-130 kcal per serving.

And special types intended for the drying period are even less – about 90 kcal. 

  • Promotes the production of hormones

Protein is responsible for many functions in the body, including the synthesis of several hormones. 

For example, insulin and growth hormone are polypeptide hormones consisting of long amino acid chains (constituting protein molecules). 

Growth hormone (somatotropin) is particularly interesting to women losing weight since it has pronounced fat-burning properties. 

Sufficient protein intake guarantees that the amount of somatotropin in the body is normal. Digestion and assimilation of the protein itself is a very energy-intensive process for the body. 

  • Increases calorie burning 

While the digestion of carbohydrates takes only 4-7%, and for fats – up to 10%. 

When losing weight, as a rule, they follow a diet with fewer calories and carbohydrates. While the amount and frequency of protein foods are slightly increased. 

This technique, among other things, helps to increase energy consumption for the digestion and assimilation of food. 

What type of protein to use for weight loss 

There are different types of protein, but there are only four main ones: 

  • whey 
  • casein 
  • vegetable 
  • complex 

Let’s talk about each in more detail. 

1. Whey 

This option is used most often in fat-burning workouts. 

There are whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolyzate. When losing weight, only the last two types are used. 

They contain only protein and, importantly, fewer calories. 

These types are quickly absorbed (20-40 minutes), which also has certain pros and cons, which we will discuss below. 

2. Casein 

The second place among proteins for weight loss is casein protein. It is also “slow,” absorbed within 4-6 hours. 

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In addition, it suppresses the feeling of hunger for a long time. This property fits perfectly during the period of terrain training. 

The only disadvantage of casein is its specific taste, which only some people like. 

3. Vegetable 

An alternative to whey protein can be plant-based. The most famous and most popular is soy. 

The amino acid composition here is slightly worse than that of animal protein, so these species lose slightly in terms of gaining muscle mass. But when losing weight, their use is fully justified. 

Of the obvious advantages – they are suitable for vegetarians and are cheaper. 

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4. Comprehensive 

It is also called multi-component. Here everything is clear from the name itself. The composition includes all types of protein. 

However, for use in the period of weight loss, it is the least suitable, as it contains carbohydrates and fats. 

True, not in such high concentrations as in a gainer. 

Admission rules 

Now let’s figure out how to drink protein for weight loss for girls. Knowing some of these nuances will help you achieve your goal much faster. 

Let’s go through each point in order: 

  • 1. Time of receipt

Of course, the total daily amount of protein plays the most important role. If you get it in the right quantities, all processes go as they should. 

But there is a time when taking protein helps speed up recovery even more. This period is called the “protein window” and occurs at the end of strength training and in the morning, immediately after waking up. 

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The best post-workout protein is “fast” whey (isolate or hydrolysate). It is taken within an hour after the end of the lesson.

You can take “slow” casein before bed to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue. 

In addition, when following a strict diet, the depth of sleep is often disturbed. Taking a serving of casein at night will help you sleep deeper and longer.

Casein also works here. Due to the slow assimilation, hunger is suppressed for a long time. 

Whey protein is also used for this purpose. But it is absorbed much faster and saturates for a shorter period.

  • 2. Quantity 

 The optimal number of cocktails per day is from 1 to 3. 

  • 3. How to breed

There is one nuance in how to take protein when losing weight. The fact is that, in this case, it is diluted only with water. 

And there are a couple of reasons for this: 

  • Lower calorie shake 

If the protein is based on milk, it will contain 100-150 kcal. If you drink three milkshakes during the day, the daily calorie content will increase by 300-450 calories. And when losing weight, this is undesirable. 

In addition, milk contains fast carbohydrates in the form of lactose (milk sugar). 

There are about 4 grams per 100 grams. One serving will already be 8-12 grams of carbohydrates. 

Not so scary, but remember that this is a period when every gram of carbohydrate is under strict control. 

In addition, whey hydrolysate, for example, is specifically lactose-free. And taking it with milk containing it is not logical. 

  • Assimilation rate 

Post-workout protein intake is designed to provide the muscles with amino acids in the shortest possible time. 

For this reason, after class, take a whey shake. And therefore, it is stirred exclusively with water. Milk, in this case, slows down the absorption and digestion of protein. 

Should I drink protein without training? 

You also need to drink protein on days when training is not provided. 

After all, fat burning is launched primarily with the help of a special diet. And the intake of protein in sufficient quantities is one of the conditions for rapid weight loss. 

In addition, as mentioned above, protein can be a great snack that is healthy and can suppress hunger. 

If we talk about the use of cocktails, if you do not play sports at all, then this is unlikely to be justified. 

It is impossible to lose weight only with their help, as we have already found out. And the norm of protein for people not involved in sports can be gained with ordinary products. 

The basics of successful weight loss 

Again, protein is not a guarantee of weight loss and fat burning. By itself, it does not have fat-burning properties.

Such food primarily contains a minimum amount of carbohydrates and animal fats. And also fewer calories compared to the usual. 

The amount of protein, in this case, remains unchanged. And sometimes, it even increases. 

The remaining 30% is regular exercise. 

Training can speed up the process, but a special diet triggers it. And one of its elements is protein shakes. 


Protein can be an effective tool for weight loss for women, as it can help to increase feelings of fullness and reduce overall calorie intake. Additionally, protein is important for maintaining muscle mass, which is important for maintaining a healthy metabolism. It’s recommended to include protein-rich foods in every meal and snack and aim for at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. It’s also important to note that weight loss is ultimately a combination of diet and exercise. Consult with a doctor or a registered dietitian for personalized advice and guidance.


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