Porsche integrates google services into its cars

Porsche announcement on October 30 he will join Google services in future vehicle models, representing a major step towards a more connected driving experience.

From the middle of this decade, Porsche vehicles will offer Google Maps for navigation, Google Assistant for voice control features and access to a wide variety of apps through the Google Play Store. While integrating Google’s technology, Porsche says its iconic user interface and Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system will remain intact.

PCM will act as a gateway to Google services and will continue to receive regular over-the-air updates, keeping the system up to date. According to Oliver Blume, President of Porsche: “Our customers make a dream come true with our vehicles. In addition to timeless design and exceptional performance, they also want a seamless digital experience. He added that “this mixed ecosystem results from the integration of platforms and applications that customers experience from their end devices.”

Blume said Porsche welcomed an open approach develop innovations with partners like Google. This collaboration will enable Porsche to integrate relevant digital ecosystems directly into vehicles using standardized interfaces and platforms.

Porsche described the partnership with Google as a long-term commitment. For its part, Google is eager to introduce its technology into Porsche vehicles. “We are excited to partner with Porsche in their goal to deliver innovative and useful in-car experiences to their customers,” said Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Platforms and Ecosystems at Google.

The integration with Google services represents Porsche’s latest initiative to improve connected features and in-car digital experiences. With smartphone-like features integrated into the dashboard, Porsche aims to combine exceptional driving performance with industry-standard convenience and enjoyment.

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