Not many unicorns were spotted in the UK and France this year

As La French Tech and the unicorns both celebrate their 10th anniversary, it may be time to rethink where to shed light

London was the Check in this week for a who’s who of political leaders and tech CEOs; or more precisely, Bletchley Park was. Famous for hosting Alan Turing and other Enigma decipherers during World War II, the British heritage site hosted the world’s first AI Security Summit on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Culminating in the Bletchley Statementan agreement on AI security signed by all countries in attendance, the event also aimed to “position the UK as a central player in setting the agenda of ‘what we’re talking about when we talk about AI,’” said Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch. reported from the ground.

Subscribe to TechCrunch+However, we should not overestimate the advantage that hosting the conference could have given Great Britain over its cross-Channel rival. Although this week has put the United Kingdom and its Prime Minister in the spotlight, things should soon balance out. After a mini virtual summit in Korea in six months, France will be host the next in-person AI Security Summit next year.

The French Minister of Finance, Bruno Le Maire, was already present, as was the French entrepreneur. Arthur Menschof which the startup Mistral AI raised a $113 million funding round at a valuation of $260 million earlier this year. Yes, a nine digit seed round.

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