New XRP Ledger Upgrade Goes Live, What’s New?

An XRP and crypto enthusiast on X (formerly Twitter) announced the launch of the latest version of the XRP Ledger, highlighting major updates and new features of the upgraded ledger.

New version of the XRP ledger

XRP passionate, Krippenreiter released the latest details on the recently upgraded XRP ledger on an X release on November 12. The update introduces four distinct changes incorporated into the new version of XRPL as well as four proposed amendments to the ledger.

“A major new change is on its way to the XRPL ecosystem in the form of another wavy version update. If everything goes as planned, this new version will be available to all node operators by November 13, 2023,” said Krippenreiter.

The community member described the new version of the API, APIV2, which offers more features than traditional APIs. The launch of API V2 on XRPL will include the introduction of a DeliverMax feature, added error messages and removed API methods.

Krippenreiter also described the XRP Ledger Performance and stability of transactions per second (TPS). He said the new upgrades to this feature were originally proposed by MarkTravis15 on X and incorporated three changes that could improve Ledger performance.

These changes focus on improving consensus stability, implementing asynchronous batch writing in NuDB, and introducing periodic intervals when applying transaction batches.

Another notable upgrade to the XRP Ledger is the introduction of a new RPC method that allows software applications to efficiently connect to a specific network in the XRPL ecosystem by requesting information from the node. Other changes to the XRP Ledger include bug fixes and refactoring or rewriting codes to ensure better readability and efficiency.

Opening of voting for general ledger changes

While providing details about updates in the latest version of the XRP Ledger, Krippenreiter highlighted a series of proposed amendments. These amendments, if approved by the community and then implemented, could have a significant positive impact on the XRPL ecosystem.

The first amendment, originally titled federated sidechains, involves two-way connectivity to XRPL assets. This proposal aims to open new avenues of interoperability in the XRP ecosystem using cookie servers like XahauCBDCL and others.

Krippenreiter also described the second amendment which implements a sovereign identity solution on XRPL called Decentralized Identifiers (DID). A third amendment aims to remedy the unexpected behavior of XRPL payment engine, providing solutions that solve the problem appropriately.

Finally, the final amendment will help clarify how authorized trust lines should be established and authorized. This proposal focuses specifically on situations where both the issuer and the user enable certain settings on their accounts. XRP Price Chart (XRP Ledger Ripple)

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