Netflix says the cloud will let it expand beyond mobile games

As Netflix’s foray into cloud gaming grows, so will the types of games the company offers. “We think there’s a real major opportunity with the cloud to create some type of gaming experience that’s really tailored to Netflix on TV,” says Leanne Loombe, head of external gaming at Netflix.

Netflix’s cloud gaming efforts are still very early days and follow almost two years of releasing games exclusively on mobile. Currently, only two titles are available in cloud beta testing on TVs and PCs, including Without oxen. But as the service expands to include more titles, Netflix says the types of games offered will differ depending on the platform, meaning there will eventually be titles on Netflix designed to be played only on your TV or PC and not on a smartphone. No details have been announced, but consider console-style games that don’t translate well to a touchscreen.

“The shift based on platform will absolutely happen when we start expanding the cloud service to more regions and offering more games,” says Loombe. “These games will be creatively different from the mobile games we make. Sometimes games we launch on Netflix will be available on mobile, TV and PC via the cloud. And sometimes there will be a cloud game playable on TV and it will really be tailored to that experience.

“The trajectory we are seeing is something we are very happy about”

Once there are platform-specific games on the service, Loombe says Netflix will be able to use its algorithm to ensure it’s presenting players with games they can actually play – so you’re not won’t recommend a PC game if you don’t. have the equipment, for example. “I think it’s really going to help from a discoverability standpoint because then everyone’s experience is tailored and we don’t have to worry too much about trying to explain every detail about what games are, where and what platform you can play on,” she says. “Because it’s really the customization system that will contribute to this.”

“Given our situation, we are very, very happy with the number of members playing games today,” she said. “This scale and investment is relative to the number of members playing. So, as with any new business, as we continue to evolve over time, we expect more members to play as well over time. And the trajectory that we’re seeing is something that we’re very happy about.

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