Netcraft Acquires FraudWatch to Deliver Online Brand Protection at Scale

Netcraft has announced the acquisition of FraudWatch, an Australian online brand protection provider focused on phishing, social media, brand counterfeiting and fake mobile applications.

Netcraft and FraudWatch are jointly committed to providing cybersecurity products and services to global organizations. Through its global threat feeds, automated attack detection, disruption and removal solutions, Netcraft’s innovations have allowed it to scale, eliminating more than 20 million attacks and counting.

FraudWatch’s managed online brand protection services are driven by its 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) in Melbourne, using its PhishPortal platform. FraudWatch works alongside customers around the world to protect against phishing, fraud and cybercrime.

With this acquisition, Netcraft and FraudWatch will offer high-quality, high-speed cybercrime detection and removal to new and existing customers, with even greater capabilities. The company will further enhance its support and services by combining its existing relationships with hosting providers, domain registrars and social media platforms through the FraudWatch SOC as well as commercial and API-based partnerships of Netcraft.

Additionally, the acquisition will accelerate the combined company’s growth in North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

“This acquisition brings great value to both groups of customers who will benefit from complementary time zones and comprehensive 24-hour coverage against cyber threats faced by start-ups, household brands, large enterprises and governments across the world. whole world. » said Ryan Woodley, CEO of Netcraft.

“FraudWatch’s online brand protection services are already well aligned with Netcraft. By combining Netcraft’s focus on technology, machine learning and automation with FraudWatch’s dedicated team, we can deliver benefits of scale, deepen customer relationships and ensure that organizations around the world can proactively disrupt cyberattacks,” added Woodley.

Organizations today face a rapidly evolving threat landscape, and security teams must detect and respond to malicious attacks quickly and effectively. By bringing together their technology, expertise and processes, the combined company can provide services to its global customers with a global SOC team available to manage, scale and provide in-depth insights.

“Netcraft’s technology approach will benefit our customers through the speed and flexibility of its global threat intelligence, automated disruption and takedown platform and associated technology,” said Trent Youlfounder of FraudWatch.

Woodley added: “We quickly integrated Netcraft’s threat intelligence into the FraudWatch platform to augment its powerful cybercrime detection. I look forward to the many incredible future opportunities to integrate Netcraft and FraudWatch’s people, technology and processes as we work together to deliver speed, scalability and great results for our customers.

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