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NCTC Unveils Connectivity Exchange, Unifying America’s Broadband Networks


The National Content & Technology Cooperative (NCTC), which serves all 50 states and territories, has announced the launch of the Connectivity Exchange. NCTC includes more than 700 independent broadband and pay TV providers. This fully designed and integrated platform would be a first for the industry.

It gives operators who are members of the platform the opportunity to compete and win tenders to supply broadband network services to large-scale commercial customers through a member-exclusive buying and selling platform. Additionally, “cutting edge” technology provides automated quote-to-order procedures as well as unified billing and support services.

The NCTC Connectivity Exchange will bring together the distinct networks of NCTC members, large and small, to form a single, unified network. This network would have the capacity to connect to approximately a third of buildings in the United States. The NCTC would simplify the process. The group maintains links with national buyers and negotiates master service agreements with operators so that member companies can focus on what they do best – providing excellent broadband service.

Each year, NCTC brings together members of The Independent Show (TIS). At this year’s TIS, various new projects were presented, including the new Connectivity Exchange developed by NCTC. The complex process of obtaining tenders to provide broadband network services to major brands and large-scale tenders would be simplified through the tailor-made and unified buying and selling platform of this company, which is exclusively available to members. The Connectivity Exchange is one of the largest networks in the world due to the breadth and depth of NCTCmembership base.


The strategic link that NCTC has established with Connectbase is at the heart of its Connectivity Exchange. Through this agreement, NCTC is able to provide participating member companies with maintenance services and prices that exceed those offered by competitors. The approximately 100,000 sites owned by NCTC members the Connectbase platform combines to establish a global network. This aggregated network is then immediately revealed to potential wholesale network buyers who use the platform. NCTC members can expedite their purchases and bulk purchases with the world-class digital platform they have access to.

“We now have an integrated e-commerce platform that brings together wholesale buyers and sellers to make the bidding process for our members more turnkey and enable them to do business more easily,” said CEO and President of NCTC, Lou Borrelli. “With a single platform, buyers can identify connection options for hard-to-reach locations. Additionally, all connection providers are covered by the same agreement and billing is consolidated, simplifying business for our members.

NCTC“Operator members can unlock new revenue opportunities by expanding their broadband network sales efforts to customers and markets that they may not have been able to reach in the past by joining Connectivity Exchange,” a declared ConnectbaseThe CEO of, Ben Edmond.

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