Makeup every year becomes more diverse and original. This kind of art in the 21st century has no gender. Both girls and boys want to devote time to their appearance. Social networks now contain various beauty life hacks that are not always beneficial. And it happens that the opposite result is obtained! 

For many, it is no longer a secret that 90% of the cost of a mass-market cosmetic product consists of packaging, advertising, and ingredients. And since the competition in this area is great, manufacturers often reduce the cost of products due to the quality of their components.

Most decorative cosmetics are leaders in the content of microplastics in the composition. It penetrates our body along with mascara, lipstick, foundation, etc., pollutes the environment. In the composition of powder, lipstick, and shadows, you can easily find heavy metals that accumulate in the body and negatively affect its work. In foundations, the effect of a velvety finish is created by silicones, which will only clog your skin and can later provoke skin rashes. In pursuing beautiful makeup, first, you must pay attention to the compositions! 


We have prepared the most eco-friendly and healthy beauty hacks that will help you look even better and will not harm your skin.

1. The very first and most important tip!

Before applying makeup, the face must be put in an order! Wash your face, spray on a tonic or hydrosol, and then a moisturizer – serum, cream, facial oil. This will help to apply the tone more evenly, and the skin will be more elastic. We suggest using a fabric express mask if it is impossible to make full-fledged care. It will remove signs of fatigue and quickly refresh the skin of the face.  

2. Lipstick instead of blush

Or blush instead of lipstick is a great option for everyday makeup. Draw symmetrical circles with lipstick on the cheeks and rub well with your fingers or a brush if it is at hand. When there is no lipstick in the cosmetic bag, but there is blush – apply them over lip balm. Also, this method is suitable if you can not find the right shade of blush for lipstick. 

3. Fresh look

We all know how important a radiant look is in makeup, and a white or light beige pencil or light shadows will be the best helper. Apply them to your inner eye corners. You can also go over the water line with a pencil. As a result, a striking transformation of the look.

4. Smooth complexion

Use mineral powder to create an even tone. It does not clog pores, refreshes the face well, and does not overload the skin. And so that it lies evenly and beautifully. Learn how to apply it in several stages. After the first layer, you can fix the powder with a hydrolate and walk again with a brush. And do not forget to shake off excess product from the brush so as not to stain. 


And instead of dense tonal foundations, you can use a light bb-cream. It gives the skin a beautiful, natural, healthy look. Reduces the visibility of pores and areas with rough skin. The cream is easy to apply, contains moisturizing ingredients, and protects against UV radiation.

5. Bright makeup

To enhance the saturation of mineral shadows, a lipstick/tint substrate will help. Apply a thin layer over the eyelids and whisk the product a little into the skin; apply eye shadow on this base. You can also spray the hydrolat on a brush and apply shadows and pigments with driving movements. The color will become saturated, and the makeup will become brighter. 

And you can also transform daytime makeup into evening makeup; you need to apply a bright shimmery shade on top of the base shadows. Chameleon pigments and bio-glitter are suitable for these purposes. 


And to achieve the maximum brightness of the shade of lipstick, you do not need to layer it on the lips. It is enough to apply concealer under lipstick. It will serve as a dense base and will not “eat up” the saturation of the lipstick. And don’t forget to powder your lipstick – this little trick will prolong its durability.

6. Perfect eyebrows

For several years now, thick wide eyebrows have been in fashion, but not everyone can boast of such. If you want these, use usma oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil to stimulate hair growth – all these oils awaken dormant bulbs and contribute to the growth and strengthening of eyebrows. Regularly apply a natural oil to the eyebrows; you will notice the effect after 20-25 days. 


And for those who have already been able to grow their eyebrows, we tell you how to put in order naughty hairs. It is not always possible to have an eyebrow styling tool, but wax or lip balm can be used instead. Apply a thin layer over the hairs and comb through with a brush. 

7 . The smoothest arrows

Everyone dreams of straight arrows! Use a plastic card to make the most accurate line possible. Attaching the card to continue the lower lash line and drawing a thin line with a pencil is necessary. Initially in one eye, then the other. And if everything is symmetrical, then for brightness, you can walk along the pencil line with antimony-mineral eyeliner. As a rule, it consists of natural minerals or soot left after burning plants. Quality antimony does not contain critical ingredients.

  • Gray antimony is recommended for the makeup of blue, gray, and green eyes.
  • Black – for makeup, brown and black eyes.  

You can still use ready-made stencils, adhesive tape, or invisible hairpins, but you also need to get used to them and apply them evenly on both sides.

And even if your arrows have created a complete mess on your face, do not rush to wash them! Use a concealer and a thin cotton swab and gently adjust the shape. 

8. Save compact shadows or highlighter

If you suddenly dropped a pressed product and it broke into pieces, collect large pieces on a clean sheet, crush them into powder, and put them back into the palette. Add 2-3 drops of alcohol, cover with cling film and press down with any press that matches in shape. After one hour, you may use it again!

9. Color wheel

A color wheel is an indispensable makeup tool; it helps choose the right color combinations. With it, you can quickly and visually imagine how different shades will look side by side.

For example,

  • gray-blue eyes well emphasize golden, brown, and orange shades;
  • green will look advantageous with red-burgundy and purple flowers;
  • brown eyes suit blue, blue colors.

The basic rule of the circle is that the colors on the opposite side of your iris will look most spectacular. But there are many nuances with the color palette, so it’s best to dedicate a few hours to studying it. 

Before buying a palette, you can always turn to the color wheel for help and choose the most complimentary shades of shadows for yourself.

10. Control check

Before leaving the house, check the applied makeup in a different light: under a brighter lamp (preferably white spectrum) in the evening or daylight during daylight hours. This will help you see the complexion’s unevenness and the tone discrepancy on the face and neck. 

Makeup is a great way to cheer yourself up! In 10-15 minutes, you can create a luxurious image while remaining yourself.

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