MìLà’s Soup Dumplings Review: Frozen, but Restaurant Fresh

Steamer liners are included in every bag of dumplings you purchase. However, MìL also provides instructions on a few other ways to cook ravioliThis way you can avoid buying more than you really need.

Mila Dumpling Box Noodles in a Bowl

Photo: MìLà

Dumplings might be my favorite, but MìLà’s noodles are also delicious and comforting. Each bag includes portioned noodles and a bag of sauce, and some include vegetables or other toppings. They make dinner easy, but not disappointing.

The only thing I don’t like is the portion size. Since there are five steamer bags and 50 dumplings in each bag, I did some calculations and figured the serving size was around 10 dumplings. And since the noodles are separated into small portions as is, they had to make up a whole bag. The correct serving size, I learned from checking the Nutrition Facts label, is three dumplings and half a bag of noodles. I won’t divulge how many dinners I’ve had that were three times the ravioli recommendation. And noodles. Apparently my stomach knows no bounds when food is this good. If you follow the labels, 50 dumplings should be plenty of meals or snacks.

Gift giving made easy

Food is the perfect gift, and MìLà should satisfy everyone on your list, good cook or not. If you want to ship directly to their door, consider one of the boxes offered. THE Complete MìL Experience ($149) comes with a bag of pork dumplings, a box of noodle varieties, three dips, a bamboo steamer and pink lychee ice cream. THE Soup Dumplings Experiment for the same price, includes a bag of pork dumplings and a bag of chicken, two dipping bowls, three sauces, a bamboo steamer and jasmine green tea ice cream.

But there is no need to spend so much. You can choose some add-ons from MìLà or create your own gift box. To create your own box, start with a bag or two of ravioli and add accessories like a porcelain tablespoon And a pretty bowl. Look for a local Asian grocery store, as you’ll likely find the best options there.

MìL is not cheap, but for me the price is worth it. The company is run by a small team who use quality ingredients to prepare delicious dishes in their own facilities. The dumplings are made outside of Seattle, where the founders live, and the noodles and sauces are made in Monterey Park, California. If you live near the restaurant, you can pick up orders and avoid shipping fees. If all you want is dumplings, consult the MìLà store locator, as the brand has expanded to some grocery stores. You get bigger bags online, but I bought a few 10 piece bags at my local Target.

Much of the food we eat is grown and manufactured by conglomerates who do not have our best interests at heart. For me, MìLà feels even a little closer to a friend who sends you food to cheer you up.

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