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Microsoft and Oracle move forward with Oracle Database@Azure

Larry Ellison

“Microsoft and Oracle have worked together to enable these customers to easily and seamlessly connect Azure services to the latest Oracle database technology,” said Larry Ellison, president and CTO of Oracle.Oracle and Microsoft have unveiled Oracle Database@Azure, strengthening their cloud-based partnership. This service provides customers with a direct line to Oracle Database Services running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), all within the confines of Microsoft Azure data centers.

This synergy between Oracle and Microsoft brings to the table a blend of Oracle’s renowned database performance on OCI and Azure’s best-in-class services, including its flagship offering, Azure OpenAI. For businesses around the world, this would mean greater agility in choosing where to run their workloads, as well as a streamlined cloud acquisition and management process.

The introduction of Oracle Database@Azure aims to accelerate businesses’ migration to the cloud, leveraging Azure’s extensive infrastructure, tools and services. The partnership would promise the following:

  • More possibilities to transition Oracle databases to cloud platforms
  • Unmatched Oracle Database Performance
  • A low-latency integrated operating environment in Azure
  • Tools for building cloud-native applications, accentuated by AzureAI services
  • A cloud architecture supported by two cloud giants

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, highlighted the transformative potential of this collaboration. He noted: “With Oracle joining forces with us, Microsoft Azure becomes the only other cloud platform hosting Oracle database services. This paves the way for a new wave of cloud-based advancements.

Oracle CTO, Larry Ellison, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the multi-cloud trend. “With many already juggling multiple cloud services, our partnership with Microsoft ensures that Azure and the latest Oracle Database technology integrate seamlessly. »


A multi-cloud solution built for the customer, this new service would merge Oracle and Microsoft capabilities directly into the Azure portal, solving problems such as disconnected management and a convoluted acquisition process.

Customers can now host and fully manage their Azure services Oracle Database Services within a single data center, with support for a large number of Oracle offerings. This integration is cemented by a mutual support model, ensuring minimal downtime for critical workloads.

Oracle and Microsoft have also optimized the procurement process. Customers can acquire Oracle Database@Azure through Azure Marketplace and benefit from existing Azure and Oracle agreements.

Mihir Shah of Fidelity Investments commented on this development, highlighting the central role of interoperability in achieving robust financial transactions. In the same way, Magesh Bagavathi of PepsiCo highlighted the strategic advantage this partnership offers in analyzing large amounts of data.

Other global giants, including Vodafone and Voya Financial, have echoed these sentiments, signaling a warm welcome in the B2B sector.

Oracle will spearhead the management and operation of these OCI services within Microsoft’s data centers, initially focusing on the North America and Europe regions.

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