Meta’s Threads tests hashtags and trending topics, sort of

Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Meta was essay a new tagging feature for chats that looks like hashtags, but not Exactly. Yes, you’ll use a hashtag to create or add to a topic’s conversation, but instead of appearing as a hashtagged word, Threads converts it into a blue text hyperlink. Australian users will get the first chance during the first “limited test” before benefiting from a wider version.

Typing a “#” in the message text field brings up a card with the topic you are marking or other similar topics. Below, each of the topics is accompanied by a number of publications on it, just like Instagram does.

Those with Threads’ new tagging feature can only add one topic to a post at a time, which will likely limit anyone wanting to spam their posts for better reach. But again, this might be a good thing, especially if you like the clean look of Threads (for now), or for everyone who hates hashtags online. Meta says it will continue to work on this feature over time, so this first version likely won’t be its final form.

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