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Aiming to increase transparency and combat misinformation, Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ:). announced Wednesday that advertisers on its platforms, Facebook and Instagram, must now disclose when significant artificial intelligence (AI) assistance is used to create or edit political content. The disclosure obligation particularly applies to advertisements of a social, electoral and political nature, in particular those containing photorealistic images or synthetic content created using AI or inaccurately representing real people or events .

The information was released via a blog post by the company. Inconsequential edits, such as image cropping or color correction, are exempt from this rule unless they result in consequential changes to an ad’s claim. Failure to comply with these new guidelines may result in rejection of the ad or sanctions in the event of repeat offenses.

This development comes against a backdrop of increased monitoring by the European Commission of online platforms due to disinformation. The commission took a close look at doctored images related to the Gaza war circulating on various platforms, including X, formerly known as Twitter, owned by Elon Musk.

Meta’s new policy is seen as a step toward addressing concerns raised by regulators about the potential misuse of AI technology in digital advertising and the spread of misinformation. The company’s decision highlights the growing importance of transparency and accountability in the use of AI in digital advertising.

Earlier in the year, Meta enhanced its AI and Advantage+ advertising toolkit, giving marketers the ability to generate copy and background images from text prompts and mix various elements creative in new advertisements. This new disclosure requirement aligns with these previous efforts to improve AI capabilities while ensuring ethical use.

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