Makeup for redheads: features and recommendations

Makeup for redheads requires a careful approach. Hair color is quite inconsistent, so you should select cosmetics carefully. The redhead is bright in itself, so the main thing in the makeup is to do just what is necessary.

Everything is important:

  • The shade of the hair
  • The color of the eyes
  • The shape of the eyebrows and lips

The face should be framed perfectly; you must pay attention to the little things. Pay attention to the occasion: everyday office or bright evening makeup – redheads can shine everywhere.

Features of makeup for redheads

Before you choose one or a cosmetic for creating evening makeup for redheads (or any other), it is important to determine the shade of red that most characterizes your hair. Why? The understanding of the color type of appearance depends on this.

Let’s give a simple example: if red is lighter, the eyebrows and eyelashes will be almost transparent and very light, while the skin tone is pinkish. We can talk about the “spring” color type in this case. Makeup for this color type is recommended in very calm, soft colors.

If the redhead goes into a bright fiery shade, the skin looks olive, and bright colors should be used for makeup, making the image more spectacular. By the way, this color type is “autumn.”

But here, it is important to note that the owners of red hair have already received a generous gift from nature because it is difficult to miss them in the crowd – red hair attracts attention and is a very noticeable accent. That is why, when talking about makeup for red hair, you should start from the result:

  1. Whether you want to make your appearance softer or, conversely, add expressive touches. Unambiguous “no” in everyday or evening makeup for redheads cannot be distinguished. It should be taken into account that the central element of the image will be just red hair and only then everything else.
  2. Don’t try to do everything at once; try to combine a lot of bright accents (aggressive black arrows, bright lipstick, clear contouring, and sable eyebrows). As practice shows, the owners of red hair have delicate, delicate facial features that need only be slightly enhanced to emphasize the beauty given by nature.

But the list of recommendations from beauty experts who will help you, of course, is:

  • Use a dense and very light tonal coating that has good masking abilities – this will cover dark circles in the eye area, blood vessels, and freckles;
  • For colorless eyelashes (a common story among redheads), it is better to take brown mascara – it will gently emphasize the look;
  • As for blush, it is desirable to prefer pink or bronze-brown shades.

Makeup for redheads depending on eye color

Of course, the eyes are the main part of the daytime or evening makeup for redheads. It is important to take care to unobtrusively emphasize their beauty and choose shades that will not “overwrite” your personality.

Makeup for redheads: features and recommendations

What means and color palette is better for the eyes, depending on their shade?

  1. Makeup for brown eyes and red hair. Contrasting shades, like brown, are not suitable for brown eyes: the reasons are quite obvious – instead of emphasizing the appearance, they will merge with your face. But warm tones in makeup for redheads with brown eyes will do the job perfectly.

What can be done? Try applying a creamy shade of a light shade to the inner corner of the eyes and the space under the eyebrows. The outer corner can be darkened using swamp colors. Shadows are best shaded to avoid a heavy look with clear lines.

Let’s move on to lip makeup: use translucent, light shades like peach or coral. The same recommendations for blush, but the highlighter is better to take in gold. A variant of this eye makeup for redheads is in the photo below.

  1. Makeup for red hair and blue eyes. Blue eyes and red hair are already quite a contrasting combination that you only need to emphasize with makeup and correctly highlighting. To do this, use shades of warm shades, for example, brown – they will make the eyes brighter and look deeper.

Also for blue-eyed, you can take emerald, blue, and silver shades, which will enhance the contrast of hair and eye color, making the appearance even more unusual. It is better to refuse classic black mascara – use gray or graphite colors instead.

Opt for nude tones to balance the look, or experiment with bright colors when choosing lipstick. The makeup option for red-haired girls with blue eyes is below.

  1. Makeup for red hair and gray eyes. Makeup for redheads with gray eyes is more challenging than it seems at first glance. This is due to the fact that gray eyes and red hair together give a neutral combination, and therefore it is important not to overload the image, but to achieve completeness. Makeup artists recommend sticking to the golden mean when creating makeup.

Let’s explain with examples: if you use brown or dark gray shades of eye shadow, then it is better not to choose a bright lipstick, but to give preference to a transparent shine. Bright lips will be more interesting to combine not with shadows but with neutral eyeliner – it will emphasize the shape of the eyes and make them more expressive.

If we are talking about everyday makeup for redheads, it is better to use tools such as:

  • Foundation;
  • light brown corrector;
  • peach blush;
  • ink;
  • eyebrow gel.

By the way, blush can be used not only for its main purpose: it can be applied to the bridge of the nose, eyelids, and cheeks, imitating a “childish” face. Even after a sleepless night, this makeup will give your face a fresh and radiant look.

  1. Makeup for redheads with green eyes. The most common option is a combination of green eyes and red hair. Thanks to this, makeup artists have come up with many ideas.

Green eyes open up a lot of room for imagination. You can use both cold and warm eyeshadow palettes – they will equally effectively emphasize the color of the eyes, either complementing them or playing in contrast.

True, there is one “but”: remove shades of green from your makeup bag, as they will merge with your eyes. If you want to apply exactly green shadows, let them be darker than the color of the iris. Makeup option for redheads with green eyes below.

In everyday makeup, use light accents:

  • neat thin arrows;
  • shading shadows in the outer corner of the eyes.

This will create a neat, versatile look without any hint of vulgarity.

Evening makeup for redheads involves bright shades. For example, smoky eyes with a diamond backing, dark lipstick, or multi-colored graphic arrows.

Eyebrow makeup for redheads

You can achieve a complete image only with well-executed makeup, an important part of which is eyebrow shaping. An incorrectly chosen color or contour of the brow arches will spoil the makeup and appearance in general.

Eyebrow makeup for redheads

For example, a more romantic look will be if you use chocolate shades. Besides, it will add shine to the eyes. But dark eyebrows of a wide shape are a forbidden technique for redheads.

However, you can’t refuse eyebrow shaping – otherwise, your face will be disproportionate.

Sometimes redhead girls look like they don’t have eyebrows at all. Of course, this does not add beauty to the overall image. Makeup artists recommend using the services of microblading masters who will create the correct shape and contours of the eyebrows.

Experts will help you choose the most appropriate shade for microblading, but if we talk about universal tones, these are warm options like “camel hair” or ashy for owners of marbled skin. To enhance the accent on the eyes, give preference to soft brown tones.

Lips in makeup for redheads

To make your makeup more festive, use lip gloss or nude lipstick. Remember the most important rule: one thing should always stand out: either the eyes or the lips. If your eyebrows and eyes are already expressive enough, add a little light gloss to your lips.

If the task is to highlight the lips, choose a calm palette for eye makeup. Lipstick should be in harmony with the color of your hair. By the way, both lipstick and gloss in evening makeup are always applied only with a brush. This allows you to achieve greater naturalness and accuracy.

Warm shades go well with red hair: terracotta, orange, brick, peach. Owners of brown eyes are perfect caramel and chocolate tones. But for evening events, it is better to take coral and red shades. In the nude version, pink lipstick colors are preferred.

Remember that harmonious makeup for red hair does not imply aggressive shades. This applies to all the means used: eye shadows, lipstick, tonal coverage, and blush. It is also worth abandoning any shades of purple. But when in doubt, it is always better to turn to stylists who will help you create a truly fashionable finished look.

Day makeup rules

For your daily makeup to look natural, emphasizing the dignity of your appearance, you should follow important rules:

  • Avoid heavy foundations and use clear top coats such as BB creams.
  • Oily skin must be covered with powder to get rid of shine;
  • Rashes, inflammation, and irritation are best masked with a dense corrector;
  • For blush, choose natural tones – peach, dusty pink, powdery flesh;
  • For daytime makeup, use shades of warm shades;
  • do not forget about the rule of one accent – do not select all zones at the same time;
  • To avoid the artificial shape of the eyebrows, use shadows to shape them;
  • For light eyelashes, use lengthening brown mascara;
  • For lip makeup, take lipstick in natural tones;
  • Do not use red bronzers that will ruin the whole look.

Features of evening makeup

For evening makeup, so that it does not turn into a defiant and vulgar one, you should carefully select a palette of colors. What to do to get a beautiful visage? We say:

  • For the skin, we use a primer, foundation, and powder;
  • Blush in peach-golden colors on the cheekbones carefully shade;
  • For the eyelids, we take a liner of a brownish-golden hue; we highlight the inter-ciliary space with a continuous line;
  • Graphite shadows can be put in the outer corner of the upper eyelid, and it is better with a metallic sheen;
  • In the inner corner, we put pink shadows (preferably light) with a mother-of-pearl sheen;
  • We extinguish the shadows to create smooth lines, and the lower eyelid can be brought with a silver or mother-of-pearl pencil;
  • We use red lipstick, but apply a transparent or pink gloss on top.

Our recommendations prove that spectacular makeup for redheads, both daytime and evening, can be perfectly created on your own. Most importantly, follow the basic rules for choosing a color palette for red hair, and then you will look perfect!

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