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Machine Learning for Kubernetes Workflows with Kubeflow | #shorts

Watch the full talk: https://www.mirantis.com/labs/learning/techtalks/kubeflow-orchestrating-ai-workflows-on-kubernetes
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Highlights from our most recent Kubeflow tech conference: How to unlock new machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven workflows on Kubernetes. AI/ML has been all the rage in 2023, and now the benefits of this cutting-edge technology are improving how we can all work with Kubernetes.

Kubeflow integrates seamlessly with Lens Desktop, the world’s most powerful Kubernetes platform. You can also install Kubeflow with k0s, the lightweight, fully upstream Kubernetes distribution from Mirantis. Kubeflow democratizes the implementation of complex AI systems, making them accessible to a wider audience, from Data Scientists to DevOps engineers and operators.

If you’re interested in other tech talks from the Mirantis Labs team, episodes will air live every other Tuesday. Register for our next conference at https://www.mirantis.com/labs/
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