Librem 11 tablet sets a new standard in privacy and security with Linux-based PureOS

Purism introduced the new Librem 11 tablet running secure PureBoot and PureOS based on the Linux kernel. Librem 11 is designed for individuals, organizations, government agencies, law enforcement, and businesses that need security and privacy with powerful portability.

Librem 11 tablet

Librem 11 security and privacy features

The Librem 11 tablet runs PureBoot and PureOS, providing security and privacy features that include:

Secure boot process. The Librem 11 powers on with PureBoot for the most secure boot process on the market.

Operating system based on Linux kernel. The Librem 11 runs PureOS, an open source, peer-reviewed and fully verifiable operating system.

No monitoring or data mining. Purism avoids commercial surveillance and data mining practices, ensuring that all of your personally identifiable information remains under your control.

True convergence of operating systems. PureOS on Librem 11 demonstrates real convergence, where the tablet becomes more than just a tablet. It becomes a complete computer that can act as a desktop when connected to a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or even a laptop connected to the included keyboard case.

Secure supply chain. Purism offers Anti-Ban services for Librem 11, a service aimed at those who face extreme security threats or simply want peace of mind knowing that their device has not been tampered with before, during or after the manufacturing and shipping process, ensuring the most secure tablet on the market today.

Protection against malware. The Librem 11 tablet works with the Librem key used to identify tampering when used in combination with PureBoot cryptographically.

Librem 11 Specifications

Librem 11 offers powerful features that include:

  • Processor. Intel N5100 (Jasper Lake) at 1.1 GHz, 4 cores, 4 threads, up to 2.89 GHz.
  • HD graphics. Intel UHD graphics.
  • Memory. 8 GB LPDDR4 (soldered).
  • Mega storage. 1TB NVMe (Kingston KC3000).
  • Screen. 11.5″ AMOLED 2560 × 1600 at 60 Hz.
  • USB Type-C 3.1 ports. Two fully powered USB charging ports.
  • Audio. 3.5mm audio jack supports mic input and headphone output.
  • Two cameras. Front and rear camera.

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