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Kubernetes Codezero platform unveils 2.0 at Civo Navigate Europe

Code zerothe Kubernetes platform developed by former Microsoft executive Narayan Sainaney, announced its version 2.0.

The platform allows users to effortlessly create Kubernetes clusters in less than ninety seconds, followed by seamless debugging and testing in simulated collaborative environments. This new approach – called “Omni-Dev” – provides unprecedented visibility and interaction, promising to accelerate development while reducing bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Codezero has already garnered support from industry giants, including Nick Caldwell, former CEO of Twitter, and Marty Weiner, former CTO of Reddit. These mentions highlight the platform’s potential to transform the software development landscape.

Reed Clayton, co-founder and CEO of Codezero, said:

“We are proud to join our incredible partners at Civo to invite the cloud-native software development community to forever change the way they work.

Simply put, we enable large teams to return to “garage startup mode” where they quickly write, test, and deploy – together. This is the dream that, until today, has been like an alternative reality.

We set out to fundamentally fix broken development processes for developer teams around the world, and we believe we’ve done just that.

The participants in Civo Navigate will have the opportunity to discover version 2.0 of Codezero during a live workshop. This hands-on experience will showcase the capabilities of the platform and its potential to revolutionize software development.

Mark Boost, CEO of Civo, expressed his enthusiasm:

“Codezero and Civo share a mission to deliver cutting-edge experiences for developers. Developers want to work flexibly, with instant access to the resources they need to iterate and refine a solution, from testing to production.

Codezero tools, running on Civo’s high-performance, low-cost cloud service, are the realization of this vision.

Our work together is quickly becoming the market benchmark, demonstrating how developers can be empowered to focus on delivering exceptional software, no longer bogged down in costly and unreliable infrastructure.

With Codezero version 2.0 on the horizon, the platform promises to usher in a new era of streamlined development, accelerated deployment, and a new era of collaborative software creation.

Narayan Sainaney, co-founder and CTO of Codezero, added: “What we’ve built is a set of tools that allows developers to be exponentially more productive, which, in turn, allows businesses to deploy products exponentially faster and better with fewer bugs. security vulnerabilities and challenges in the production environment.

Developers can explore Codezero’s tools by visiting their website here

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