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KIO expands data center operations to Colombia

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KIO Data Centers, a major player in Latin America data center and digital infrastructure platform, announced the start of its operations in Colombia with the inauguration of KIO BOG1, a data center campus in the free zone of Bogotá. Colombia is the sixth country in which KIO has opened data center operations, and the first in South America.

KIO_EXPANDS_INTO_COLOMBIA_WITH_NEW_DATA_CENTER_CAMPUS_IN_BOGOTAAccording to the company itself, KIO sets itself apart from its competitors because it focuses not only on offering “cutting edge” technology services, but also on deep integration with local resources – to meet unique requirements and difficulties posed by each country. Local staff with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the Colombian environment will be responsible for overseeing the operations, finances and sales of the local data center in Colombia.

“Colombia has become a high-growth, high-opportunity market with fertile ground for technological innovation,” said Santiago Suinaga, CEO of KIO Data Centers. “Colombia has become a fertile ground for technological innovation. » “Due to its considerable need for cutting-edge data and technology solutions, the country is an attractive location for KIO. With the inauguration of KIO BOG1, we are now able to offer our customers world-class “energy and space” solutions, which will strengthen our value proposition in this crucial sector.

About KIO

KIO is a platform that offers data center and digital infrastructure servicesand has over 20 years of expertise in the colocation and IT services industries. KIO has 13 main data centers in Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Spain. These primary data centers have a combined electrical capacity of 26 megawatts. KIO is one of the LATAM region companies included in I Squared Capital’s digital infrastructure portfolio.

I Squared Capital is a global infrastructure investment manager with a primary focus on sectors such as energy, utilities, telecommunications, transportation and social infrastructure, particularly in the Americas, Latin America and Asia regions. Europe and Asia. Manage a billion-dollar range of funds dedicated to infrastructure, I squared the capital emphasizes sustainable investments by integrating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations. The founding of the company is attributed to industry veterans, bringing a wealth of experience in infrastructure investments and operational areas.

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