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Increase User Acquisition and In-Store Conversions with Updated Play Store SEO Certificate Course

Posted by Rob Simpson, Product Manager – Google Play and Joe Davis, Manager – Google Play Academy

Since we launched the Google Play Store listing certificate in 2021, our free, self-paced courses have helped thousands of developers in over 80 countries increase app installs. During the training, developers learn essential mobile marketing best practices, including how to take advantage of Play Console growth tools, such as Play Store Listings (SLE) testing and Custom Play Store Listings (CSL) .

Today we are excited to release a major update to our training at your own pace, covering all the latest CSL and SLE features, plus real-world examples of how you can use them to drive user growth. We also publish video study guide series to help you consolidate your new knowledge before the exam.

Designed for app growth marketers, take Google Play Academy's online growth marketing training and get certified on Google Play Store SEO best practices!
Videos: Google Play Store Listing Certificate Study Guide

New: New features in custom Play Store listings and tests for Play Store listings

The new course content focuses on custom Play Store listings and Play Store listing tests. For those unfamiliar, custom store listings allow you to show different versions of your title’s Play Store content to different people. For example, you can create builds tailored to users in different countries where feature availability varies, or an experience just for users who have dropped out or dropped out.

Custom store listings can help you deliver the most effective message possible to different users. Based on internal benchmarking, CSLs can help increase the number of monthly active users (MAUs) of an app or game by more than 3.5% on average.1.

Store SEO experiments, on the other hand, offer a way to explore which icons, descriptions, screenshots (and more) convert best for your title on the Play Store.

These are features you can use today! Google Play Academy training now includes four new courses on custom Play Store listings, four updated existing courses, and nine new study guide videos.

Find an application and career development

Here is what some developers, entrepreneurs and marketers spoke about their experience after being trained and certified:

Learning best practices for Play Store listing testing helped me learn more about our audience. Something as simple as tapping the right icon increased acquisitions of one of our games by around 60%

Adrian Mojica

Creative Marketing, GameHouse (Spain)

The knowledge I gained allowed me to make more informed decisions and learn effective strategies. The credibility I gained from the certificate opened new doors in my career.

Roshni Kumari

Student and Campus Ambassador (India)

Play Academy has increased the effectiveness of its mentoring relationships by 50% and we’ve seen an overall 30% increase in the launch speed of our games.

Kimmie Seen

Marketing Director, Rocket Game Studio (Vietnam)

Top tips to prepare for your certificate exam

  1. Take the training and watch the study guide videos
  2. Pass the exam and get certified
  3. Get started with Custom Store Listings and Testing

Start your learning journey at Google Play Academy Today!

1 Source: Google internal data (November 2022) comparing titles that use CSL to those that don’t.

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