Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR): Tears in Your Identity Fabric

September 13, 2023Hacker newsThreat Detection / SaaS Security

Threat detection and response

In today’s digital age, SaaS applications have become the backbone of modern businesses. They streamline operations, improve productivity and promote innovation. But with great power comes great responsibility. As organizations integrate more SaaS applications into their workflows, they are inadvertently opening the door to a new era of security threats. Challenges ? Your valuable data and the trust of your stakeholders.

Historically, SaaS security was about handling configuration errors. But the landscape has evolved. Now, it’s not just about securing the software; it’s about safeguarding the very essence of digital identity. Identity is the new endpoint. If you don’t focus on securing user identities, you leave a gaping hole in your security strategy.

Traditional methods of threat detection and identity management? They are just the tip of the iceberg. To truly strengthen your SaaS ecosystem, you need to dig deeper.

Enter Maor Bin, the visionary CEO of Adaptive Shield. By listening to the latest advancements in SaaS security, Maor will light the way to a more secure digital future. Dive deep into the world of Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) and learn how it is revolutionizing the way we protect our SaaS environments.

Here is a preview of what this must-see webinar will reveal:

  • The SaaS security ecosystem: A panoramic view of where we are today.
  • SaaS Security Challenges: Unmask the hidden threats lurking in the shadows.
  • Critical ITDR Capabilities: Next-generation tools to detect and neutralize threats before they strike.
  • The perfect union: How SSPM and ITDR come together to create an impregnable SaaS security fortress.

As the digital world evolves at breakneck speed, can you afford to be left behind? Places for this informative webinar are limited and in high demand.


Identity is the New Endpoint: Mastering SaaS Security in the Modern Age

Dive into the future of SaaS security with Maor Bin, CEO of Adaptive Shield. Find out why identity is the new endpoint. Reserve your place now.

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