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Recently, the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued an apology to Dame Alison Rose, the former chief executive of NatWest. The ICO initially suggested that a NatWest employee had inappropriately disseminated confidential information, leading to two privacy breaches. These statements indirectly implied that Dame Alison was under investigation following her resignation after discussing Nigel Farage’s banking situation with a journalist.

The ICO clarified that the investigation targeted NatWest as data controller and not Dame Alison. The office expressed regret for any misunderstanding caused by its initial statements and confirmed that there was no evidence that Dame Alison had breached data protection laws.

The ICO’s October ruling identified two privacy breaches involving BBC News business editor Simon Jack. These breaches allowed Jack to reveal on air that Farage no longer met the financial requirements to maintain an account with Coutts, a subsidiary of the NatWest group. The ICO stressed that its investigation targeted NatWest for these breaches, not Dame Alison.

This clarification from the ICO is a significant update in the ongoing controversy surrounding the disclosure of Farage’s sensitive banking information and highlights the importance of clear communication on issues relating to data protection and privacy .

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