How to Watch Your Favorite Shows Abroad

Today I learned than the average American subscribes to four streaming video subscription services. That makes me an above average American, with a total of seven streaming services. To complicate matters further, I’m an American living in Australia, and the movies and shows I can access change drastically depending on which side of the Pacific Ocean I’m on. It’s usually frustrating, but as I’ve traveled across continents, I’ve developed several ways to watch my shows no matter where I am. If you love traveling but don’t like missing out on your favorite content, use these tips.

Get a VPN, which you should already have anyway

Most streaming services limit their content based on location, meaning a show or movie you can watch in one country may not be available in another. Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are a great way to hide where you are when browsing your favorite websites. We have already shared about their vital importance for safety, and we’ve also recommended a few for you to check out.

But VPNs aren’t just great for privacy; they help you explore streaming platforms without the sites knowing where you are. In many cases, you can specify which country you would like to come from. So if a show you like is only available to US audiences, for example, you can use your VPN to convince the streaming service that you’re in the country. WE. This unblocks a wide variety of shows and movies that are location-locked and inaccessible on a non-VPN connection.

When choosing a VPN, look for features like speed and reliability. You don’t want to lose your connection in the middle of a binge, or worse, have a viewing experience made up entirely of buffering and frozen screens. We still recommend using a VPN, as it will protect you and your data on whatever network you use, but when you’re trying to catch up on your current favorite series on the go, a VPN is a godsend . You can even use it to try content in other countries and see shows you might never have considered watching.

Check YouTube, it might surprise you

Sometimes there’s a show I really want to watch, but I can’t find it on any streaming services. I’ll check every service I can think of, even ones I don’t currently subscribe to, but they won’t be there. When this happens, I usually give up, but before I do, I’ll check YouTube, just in case.

YouTube is a great resource for everything from how-to videos to book reviews, but it’s generally not a reliable source for hard-to-find shows. Every once in a while, though, I come across a few episodes, or even an entire season, of something I couldn’t find anywhere else. You can sometimes find old shows, long-lost shows that no other service has picked up, even unreleased episodes on YouTube if you’re willing to take the time to search for them.

And that takes time. You may have to change your search terms several times to find what you want. Also be warned: depending on the circumstances, the content you watch may not be of the highest quality. There may be video or sound problems, or the broadcast itself may be incomplete. But if you’re desperate for a show that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else, there’s no reason not to check out YouTube. You might get lucky. Oh, and if you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can even download videos to watch while you travel. Same with some other streaming serviceslike Netflix.

Adapt to your location and discover new favorites

Living in other countries has challenged me when it comes to watching the shows I already love, but it’s also opened up a whole new world of streaming entertainment opportunities for me. Here in Australia I got lost in shows like Lego Masters And The block, titles that I’m sure I would never have discovered if I hadn’t lived here. Locally produced shows and movies can provide a delightfully entertaining window into local culture, and you might find a new catalog of content you can’t live without.

You can start by watching local television. These days, it’s almost nostalgic to watch “regular TV” accompanied by commercials, but it can be an easy way to access what people around you are watching. You can also check streaming services specific to the country you are in. Three of my current streaming services are based in Australia: 9Now, Stan. And I see. Many of them also offer content from the US and UK for an even broader viewing experience. I can look Office and Australian Rules Football with the same app.

If you’re not in your home country, you can use a VPN or YouTube to access your favorite and familiar content, but you should also dive into local shows you may not have considered. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the country of your choice and could lead you to a wealth of entertainment you never knew about. At the very least, it will give you something to talk to with local residents when you’re at the pub.

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