How to overcome motion sickness?

For many, an interesting journey by car, an exciting sailing on a yacht, or even a regular trip in a minibus is associated with unpleasant sensations. Vomiting, nausea, dizziness – motion sickness is to blame. It is this disease that makes any seemingly pleasant journey unbearable. How to deal with motion sickness?

What is kinetosis

Motion sickness is also called seasickness, motion sickness, or, scientifically, kinetosis. The strength of the manifestation of the disease does not depend on the type of vehicle but on the strength of motion sickness. The disease can make itself felt both on the ship and on the train, plane, or car.

From the very beginning of life, the human brain learns to perceive and evaluate movements when walking and falling. Our body is a very complex system in which, among other processes, complex diagnostics take place, which determines the body’s position in the surrounding world. Through the vestibular apparatus, vision, and receptors in the muscles and internal organs, the brain can constantly control the body’s position. This ensures the implementation of coordinated movements and maintains balance.

motion sickness

The causes of motion sickness are still the subject of controversy and active research. The disease occurs due to the reaction of the receptors of the vestibular apparatus to movement. After that, the receptors warn the brain about the acceleration of movement, and the body reacts peculiarly to them.

According to another theory, the cause of kinetosis is some discrepancy between the nervous system’s reaction to signals from the vestibular apparatus and signals from the organs of vision. To understand the reason, it is enough to give a simple example. Sitting on the bus, a person watches the motionless static front seat of a neighbor, a boy chewing chips next to him, or a couple kissing from behind. At this time, the vestibular apparatus transmits signals to the brain about repetitive movement. Due to a mismatch of signals, the body reacts with nausea and feeling unwell.

Who is most susceptible to motion sickness?

Even an experienced sailor who is accustomed to waves and pitching can be rocked in a strong storm. Therefore, no one is safe from seasickness. But still, there are groups of people who are most prone to kinetosis.

motion sickness

Most of the children are between 2 and 12 years old. With age, the disease can leave the child or stay with him.

Women experience motion sickness more often than men.

Pregnant girls and ladies during menstruation fall into a special risk group. Experts attribute this to a hormonal storm in a woman’s body.

Prevention of motion sickness

Check out our tips if riding a bus or car makes you shudder. It is in your power to prevent the occurrence of discomfort or minimize it.

Two weeks before the trip, review your diet and diet. Eliminate fatty foods, alcoholic drinks, and Coca-Cola. Try to smoke less.

Increase the amount of fluid you drink per day. It should be at least two liters. In the meantime, don’t torture yourself. Take a few sips of pure non-carbonated water every 15-30 minutes. If this procedure becomes a habit, you will experience an improvement in digestion and overall health.

Try to balance your diet with foods rich in vitamin C. Eat more lemons, oranges, strawberries, and fewer cakes and pastries.

Make friends with ginger tea. One of the health benefits of ginger root is to prevent nausea. Get used to the drink’s taste, and take a thermos of tea on the road.

We are going on a trip.

Before traveling, the main thing is a positive attitude and self-hypnosis. Even if the last trip ended badly, you should not worry prematurely. Forget all the negative experiences and try to start your relationship with the vehicle from scratch.

In the morning, drink only a little water and other liquids. Have a light protein breakfast 2 hours before departure. Prepare a light snack, sour candies, and orange or pineapple juice with you on the road. Remember to brew ginger tea.

Ginger tea recipe:

To make a drink:

  1. Buy regular ginger root.
  2. Clean it and grate it.
  3. Pour boiling water, and add sugar and lemon to your taste.
  4. Remember that ginger is a fairly spicy root vegetable.
motion sickness

It is necessary to observe the measure when adding it to the cup. If you are a fan of Thai cuisine, then you can add more ginger, and if the zest and spice make you feel uncomfortable, add half a teaspoon of grated ginger to the bowl.

Where to take a seat?

On the bus, try to take the front seats. Feel free to ask you to give in. Turn to a handsome guy with a charming smile, and ask to change places. Seasickness may help you get married successfully. After all, a real gentleman will be pleased to help a friendly lady.

On the train, it is advisable to purchase seats in the head cars of the train and the central compartments. The least will be motion sickness on the lower shelves.

If you are driving, stay in the front seat and watch for curves in the road. This will help your brain understand.

It is best to take a seat between the wings of an airplane. It is also better to stay near the aisle and not at the window.

If you must go on a sea voyage, choose a cabin the same distance from the bow and stern.

What to do if motion sickness begins to win you over?

It should be well remembered for the retaliatory blows that the kinetosis may have to deliver. Knowledge of small worldly wisdom will make you stronger and more self-confident.

Feeling the first signs of motion sickness, sit back in your chair. If you can lie in a cabin or train, then do it. In this case, you better sleep. Or close your eyes. You can fix your gaze above the horizon line. Free your neck from scarves, and try to breathe fresh air through an open window.

Try to relax. Look through the magazine, and check your friends’ news on social networks. Often the first signs of nausea are eliminated by pleasant favorite music. Focus on the beautiful scenery outside the window or lose yourself in dreams. Remember to drink tea and juice and eat sour candies.

If you are not getting better, Validol may help. 1-2 tablets placed under the tongue eliminate both nausea and weakness. 20-30 drops of valocordin have a similar effect.

You can also improve the condition with special means against motion sickness. Aeron should be taken one hour before travel. Another effective remedy for seasickness is kinedryl. It should be noted that, like any pharmacy drug, these drugs have side effects. Do not use them before any trip. The prevention methods may help you avoid discomfort, and you can refuse medicines forever.


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