Problem areas often appear quite unexpectedly. Some women note that fat in the lower abdomen appears after the second birth; someone observes unwanted changes at 37 or 35. 

Excess weight appears under the influence of many factors, and they are all purely individual.

Fat in the human body accumulates in the following areas:

  • subcutaneous fat on the abdomen/thighs;
  • imperceptible fat located in the abdominal cavity – visceral;
  • retroperitoneal fat.

You need to understand that the presence of subcutaneous fat is not critical for health. It does not give the body the most attractive shape but does not seriously affect the internal organs. And with the right therapy, it is easy to say goodbye to fat. But visceral (internal) fat, due to its influence on the hormonal background, can disrupt metabolism, compress internal organs, disrupt posture, and give the body the shape of an apple.

You will need special procedures, training, and a balanced diet to eliminate visceral fat. But it is worth remembering that fat cannot physically go away by more than 300–400 grams per week (in some cases, by 400–700 grams). The approach to getting rid of belly fat should be complex. And consistent. 

Causes of belly fat

The reasons may be different: 

One of them is stress. Due to stressful situations, many processes in the body fail. Moreover, poor health often prompts people to pounce on food. Who doesn’t know the expression: “Eat” stress! If you get carried away by “jamming,” you may not notice how the hated tummy appears. 

Various kinds of diseases are also the causes of the appearance of fat on the abdomen. For example, diabetes mellitus or disorders of the cardiovascular system leading to the appearance of body fat. It is not always possible to eliminate the problem. If the disease is chronic, you should take the necessary medicines as directed by doctors, follow nutrition rules, and, if possible, exercise.

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Hormonal failure is usually observed after pregnancy or oral contraceptives and can also be caused by thyroid diseases. To cope with fat, taking into account this situation, it is necessary to add correctly selected hormonal preparations to the procedures, adhere to an active lifestyle, and follow the principles of proper nutrition. But various low-calorie diets, on the contrary, can aggravate the course of diseases.

Procedures for correcting fat deposits in the abdomen

All these methods use different physical factors that decrease the subcutaneous fat volume due to apoptosis (destruction) of fat cells. The destruction process accompanies releasing lipids in fat cells into the intercellular space. In addition, lipids are primarily evacuated through the lymphatic system and used by the liver.

Removing lipids from destroyed fat cells is slow (within 6-8 weeks); therefore, you will notice the first visible result no earlier than after four weeks. Before treatment, it is important to activate lymphatic drainage, microcirculation, and venous outflow.

This can be done, for example, with the help of injection lipolysis.

Injection lipolysis is a fairly effective method of body shaping, which is based on the introduction of lipolytic drugs deep into the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the patient, which destroys the membranes of adipocyte fat cells and releases fat. 


After the preparatory procedures, it is recommended to move on to more global ones. 

To date, the most powerful procedure for eliminating pronounced local fat deposits and sculpting the figure is the South Korean ultrasonic lipolysis procedure – Ulfit-therapy. 

The procedure is carried out on the Ulfit device, which generates high-intensity focused ultrasound HIFU. It penetrates deep into the tissues – by 6-20 mm, heats them, and destroys the cell membranes of the fat cell. Further, the breakdown of adipocytes (fat cells) occurs, resulting in the splitting of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids.  

weight loss
fat cells

The destroyed elements of the fat cell enter the extracellular space and are excreted by the body with the help of the lymphatic system and immune cells. Destroyed adipocytes are absorbed and excreted from the body within four weeks. Then, the active weight loss process begins.

To speed up the removal of decayed fat cells, you can use lymphatic drainage procedures, for example, on the device Endosphere. Well, remove liquid and decay products from vacuum massage, hydro massage, and lymphatic drainage wraps.  

Typically, the surgery is done once. But there are no contraindications to having a course of procedures to hone the contours of the body and make a flat stomach.

It is important to note that Ulfit removes subcutaneous fat and fights internal fat deposits, which are especially harmful to our health. And also, Ulfit-therapy perfectly tightens the skin. When the apparatus heats the tissues, fat cells occur, and the active process of the production of new collagen by skin cells – fibroblasts – begins. After the procedure, the skin is visibly tightened and smoothed. And the process will only grow over time. 


Ultrasonic liposuction Cellu Program (Cellu Program) is based on using two types of ultrasound – high and low-frequency waves. 

High-frequency ultrasonic waves freely penetrate to a depth of 8-9 cm and dissolve abdominal (internal) fat. After that, it is excreted from the body through the lymphatic system. This process is called visceral lipolysis. During procedures, 2-3 kilograms of internal fat can be eliminated. 

At the same time, ultrasonic waves with a low frequency are also used. They penetrate the surface layer to a depth of 3 cm and dissolve subcutaneous fat deposits. In this case, the Cellu Program works like classic ultrasonic liposuction. 

weight loss
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Body shaping using Cellu Program technology is so effective that in just 3-4 sessions, you can reduce your waist by 4-8 cm and your body weight by 5-7 kg! The maximum effect is given by a course of 15 procedures of the Cellu Program. Body weight is reduced by 20-25 kg and waist circumference – by 12-20 cm. 

In addition, cleansing the internal organs from fat load improves their work and prevents the development of many diseases in the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, and kidneys. The action of high-frequency ultrasonic waves improves the functioning of the endocrine and nervous systems and harmonizes neuro-endocrine regulation. This gives the effect of general healing. 


Izogy is an innovative Italian technology based on physiotherapy

The supply of electrical impulses causes tension in individual muscles without changing their length (stretching). This effect is called isometric gymnastics. 

The VIP Line Isogei device works out muscles in two modes. One corresponds to aerobic exercise, the second to anaerobic exercise. The former burn fat deposits and the latter strengthen and build muscle tissue.   

weight loss
fat cells

Thanks to strengthening and increasing muscle tone, the chest rises, and clear, harmonious contours of the buttocks, hips, and waist are formed. As a result of active lipolysis, fat deposits are burned. The stomach “leaves”; it becomes flat, taut. The skin as a whole becomes more elastic, elastic youthful.

The effect of myostimulation procedures is persistent and persists for a long time. This is not just skin improvement and body shaping. Working out the muscles improves blood circulation, which means arterial and venous blood inflow and outflow. Muscles play a big role in the overall health of the body. Improving their tone with Izodzhey has a rejuvenating effect on the entire body. 


This is a maintenance or pre-injection procedure. Lipolytic cocktails are injected into the skin deeper – 4-5 mm.

When active components build up locally in the mesoderm, they improve metabolism and speed up the breakdown of lipids.

Another type of mesotherapy for the body is lipomesodissolution. It is also based on introducing special cocktails into the dermal layer of the skin (to a depth of not more than 6 mm), which contribute to the active breakdown of adipose tissue and the removal of fat from the body. 

Cocktails do not consist of several components. Lipolytic components break down the fat cell. Drainage components, consisting of extracts of various plants, from green tea to artichokes, speed up the work of the lymph flow: so that what has been destroyed is better released. L-Carnitine – an amino acid, a natural substance related to B vitamins, promotes the rapid processing of fats into energy. 

weight loss
fat cells

Some so-called basic cocktails are calcined superficially: along the spine and the intercostal space. Biologically active points are launched into work with this method of introducing biological products. With their help, the weight begins to decrease as quickly as possible. 

In addition to the basic ones, local cocktails are injected into problem areas, including the stomach.  

Methods that promote the effectiveness of weight loss


Massage combines rhythmic mechanical and reflex effects on adipose tissue to reduce its volume. There are several types: classic (manual), hardware (hydro or Vibro massage), honey, and can. Massage for weight loss is carried out in 10-12 sessions. To achieve a more noticeable result, combining the technique with body wraps is advised.

Wrapping is a compression bandaging method in which a mixture of active substances with a lipolytic effect is applied to the skin of “problem regions” and then wrapped in a film. Wraps include honey, chocolate, coffee, citrus, and dirt. The number of sessions depends on the volume of fatty tissue; on average, the course consists of 12 procedures.

What should be done regularly to prevent the formation of fatty deposits on the abdomen:

  • Drink at least two liters of water daily. The norm is calculated from the proportion – of 30 milliliters per kilogram of weight.
  • Reduce the number of portions, and stick to the “plate rule.” Half of the meal should be devoted to vegetables; the rest should be evenly distributed to complex carbohydrates, protein, cereals, and lean meats. Portions should be 300-350 g; you need to eat after 3-3.5 hours (5-6 times a day). The priority is to avoid starvation! A large calorie deficit can undermine health.
  • Engage in those sports that bring maximum satisfaction and do not cause negative emotions and physical discomfort.
  • Avoid harmful foods and drinks. 
  • And in no case should it be a sacrifice for the sake of a beautiful figure!

Foods that burn fat

These are types of food rich in useful substances, vitamins, and minerals, indispensable for the human body. These include: 

  • Dairy products. They increase the level of calcitriol, which is involved in metabolic processes, accelerating it.
  • Ginger. It is essential for improving metabolism. The stomach is supplied with blood, which contributes to better digestion.
  • Cabbage, cinnamon, cucumbers, and water cleanse the body of harmful toxins and toxins.
  • Hercules and legumes relieve hunger for a long time.
weight loss
fat cells

Without the right diet, achieving a dream figure will not be possible. All short-term diets have a temporary effect. The following rules do not impose serious restrictions but will help to debug the diet: 

  • Breakfast should be the most satisfying. You can safely eat dairy, protein products (eggs, cheese, lean meats, cottage cheese), vegetables, and fruits in the morning. Tea is better to drink green, with ginger or cinnamon. It is rich in antioxidants that help slow cell aging and strengthen the immune system.
  • Vegetable soup is perfect for lunch. You can also include meat or fish dishes and light salads without mayonnaise (it is recommended to replace it with vegetable oil, Greek yogurt, or lemon juice).
  • You can have a snack with berry smoothies, fresh juices, fruits, salad, or make cottage cheese casserole or cheesecakes.

For dinner, it is important not to burden the stomach. The ideal solution would be vegetable stew, cottage cheese casserole, steamed fish, or chicken breast.

Overeating should be avoided, as it can cause stomach discomfort, slow metabolism, and reduce the effectiveness of the fight against extra pounds. 

Gluten-rich foods should also be avoided. It is poorly absorbed by the body and causes heaviness and discomfort. Some people may experience individual intolerance to this component, accompanied by bloating and diarrhea. Heavy foods are not only harmful to health but also the figure. Gluten slows down the weight loss process. Gluten is found in wheat (bread, pasta, pastries), rye, oats, barley, breakfast cereals (except real corn flakes), sausages, sweets, thick sauces, and beer, ice cream. 

And most importantly, it is worth remembering: do not chase fast weight loss. You can quickly lose weight due to strict diets. But sitting on them is not only difficult psychologically but also dangerous to health. The most effective way is a comprehensive solution to the problem: the fat will start to go away slowly but surely! And will not return!


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