How to choose a hair balm

Shampoo, conditioner, and masks are the basis of daily hair care. Each tool has its role, but those who like to save money prefer to refuse the second stage. Find out how to choose a hair balm, why you need it, and how to use it to see the result. The tool should become part of an integral part of your routine; then, the hair will look perfect.

Why do you need a balm?

The tool is a creamy product, not as thick as a mask but not as liquid as a shampoo. The application’s main purpose is to improve the hair’s texture, moisturize and restore it. The key difference from the conditioner: is the ability to penetrate each hair. Although conditioner balms are also very popular: products of this type soften but also reduce friction between the strands, facilitate combing, and reduce electrification until the next hair wash.

Simply put, balms are beauty products rich in nutrients; designed to enhance and restore shine, smoothness, and, most importantly, the level of nourishment of hair. It usually contains oils, silicones, and proteins that work synergistically to compensate for moisture loss and breakage in the hair strands.

What types of balms are there?

The most popular and best-selling type of cosmetics: are liquid conditioners. They are applied to curls immediately after shampooing for 3-5 minutes, after which a mask is used (but this is not necessary).

There are the following types of balms:

deep action: a hybrid of balm and mask. The product can be left on the curls for longer than 5 minutes. But the result will be like after applying a full-fledged mask;

leave-in: can be used after showering. Apply to wet strands immediately before blow-drying. Such balms nourish and protect hair throughout the day;

solid: produced in the form of a bar. “Soaped” on the hair and without fail washed off with water.

How to choose a hair balm

Less known and popular are dry balms in the form of a spray: they are sprayed onto hair, washed with one shampoo, and dried with a hairdryer. Cosmetics of this type are intended mainly for travel. Dry balms help detangle hair, reduce frizz, moisturize and add shine.

How to use the balm correctly

Every time you use shampoo, the natural protective layer of sebum is removed from the hairs. On the one hand, the curls become fresh and look neat; on the other hand, too frequent cleansing leads to a violation of the natural structure of the strands. The right conditioner is the key to keeping your hair moisturized, free of tangles, and shining with a healthy, not greasy, sheen. Depending on the specific product, the structure of the curls changes. The balm also provides the hair with the necessary moisture, so this step should not be skipped, especially for people struggling with dryness or brittle hair.

It is necessary to apply the remedy correctly to guarantee a positive effect. The exact instructions are indicated on each package. But the general principle is not too different.

  1. Thoroughly wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to eliminate sweat, dead skin cells, dirt, and styling product residue.
  1. Squeeze in the palm of your hand the right amount of balm indicated on the bottle.
  1. Start by applying the tips. If the hair is too long, the balm is applied from the level of the chin and moves down to the tips.
  1. To ensure the evenest distribution of the product, you can additionally make several movements in the direction of hair growth with a comb with rare teeth.
  1. Wait 5-7 minutes. (The exact time depends on the specific brand).
  1. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

The procedure can be considered complete, but a couple of times a week, it is worth additionally using a mask.

Some life hacks will maximize the results. Yes, the main components are responsible for the effect, but it is better not to ignore the advice of the owners of chic hair.

  1. Squeeze out excess water.

Do not apply balm immediately after shampooing. Even the instructions on the packaging say that the hair should be damp, not wet. You don’t have to step out of the shower to use a towel. It is enough to squeeze the strands with your hands gently.

  1. Do not apply the product to the roots.

Some balms are designed to be rubbed into the scalp. But if such advice is not directly indicated on the package, then it is better to distribute the product only along the length of the strands. Otherwise, the hairstyle will quickly become untidy. If the consistency is too thick, and even after washing, the strands turn into icicles, then it is better to squeeze out a small pea and rub it between the palms. So the tool is evenly distributed over the entire length and does not accumulate in one place.

  1. Keep the product on the hair for at least a few minutes.

When there is no time, it is tempting to apply a balm quickly and immediately wash it off. But such an application is unlikely to have any positive results. Balm needs time at least to “seal” fluffy hairs and split ends. Strengthen the roots, and restore the structure of the strands; it will take at least three minutes.

If you follow all the rules, you will notice that the curls remain slippery even after washing off the balm. It is not necessary to wash the product to a grating. You can opt-out of the mask. When blow-drying, the feeling of slippery hair should go away.

How to choose a hair balm

Which hair balm is better to choose?

With so many options, it’s hard to find a product that will repair your curls instead of ruining them. The main rule: we select the shampoo based on the condition of the scalp and the balm: taking into account the condition of the length. If the scalp is oily and the tips dry (the most common situation), then the best couple is oily shampoo and moisturizing balm. Let’s consider other options.

  1. Oily, weak hair along the entire length.

If the curls are oily at the roots and almost along the entire length, you can completely abandon the balm. After all, even a product with the lightest and weightless texture can ruin the look and reduce the interval between shampooing sessions. However, some balms are applied specifically to the scalp: usually, they contain tea tree oil, camphor, and menthol. Here are the ones that say on the packaging:

“moisturize” and “smooth” it is better to avoid. These cosmetic products usually contain too many silicones and heavy oils in the composition, which makes the hair unkempt. It is better to look for labels that say “for volume” or “balancing.” The addition of clay to the composition is welcome since the component effectively absorbs excess sebum.

How to choose a hair balm

It would help if you also tried the following life hacks:

  • First, use the balm, and then wash the roots with shampoo;
  • In the classical order of application, avoid getting the product on the scalp;
  • Use an additional product intended for rinsing.

Sometimes overly oily hair is the result of improper rinsing of the balm and not the wrong product.

  1. Dry, damaged, dull, or brittle hair.

 Women, in general, have thick but split ends. It is important to choose a cosmetic product that will help prevent damage. It is better to avoid “strengthening,” “cleansing” balms, as well as “increasing volume.” On the label, look for mentions of moisturizing, smoothing, and restoring.

  1. Dyed, highlighted hair.

A balm for colored hair can be tinted or prevent color from fading. It is best to buy products with additional protection against heat damage. A deep-acting balm will do if the natural pigment is removed with a special bleaching powder. It can be used 3-4 times a week. It would be best if you are looking for coconut oil and natural pomace from argan and macadamia in the composition.

How to choose a hair balm

It is important to understand what effect different types of balms have. Just look at the packaging and find the keywords:

  • moisturizing: the product adds shine and smoothness to the hair. Suitable for thick, curly, or straight curls;
  • increase in volume: the tool is suitable if the strands are thin or weakened;
  • strengthening: for damaged, thinned, streaked, dyed, chemically permed, brittle hair;
  • balancing: medium option, not too moisturizing, but not drying;
  • smoothing: contains “heavy” moisturizing ingredients that help seal the cuticle.

Owners of curls need to choose products with texturizing properties. They can be indelible, perfectly moisturized, and remove excess “fluffiness.”

K-beauty in hair care

Women from all over the world have tested the ten-step skin care system. The amazing results suggest that the Korean hair care regimen is just as effective. But, it is worth recognizing that Korean hair care products are much less known than skin cosmetics.

Before analyzing specific products, the most important aspect of care is focusing on the scalp. Most balms are aimed at strengthening the follicles. Also, some products that are applied directly to the scalp help get rid of peeling and itching, and accelerate the growth of new hairs.

How to choose a hair balm

1. Benefit for hair. You can check the effectiveness of the tool by focusing on real reviews. If the manufacturer promised on the label moisturizing, repairing damage, and stimulating the growth of new hairs, then the results should be consistent.

2. Components. Modern users are quite demanding, so all the elements in the composition must be safe, not tested on animals.

3. Price. A safe balm made from organic ingredients with real action can cost thousands of rubles. But the rating includes affordable funds that, when ordered in bulk, can be purchased at an additional discount.

If the hair does not look perfect after washing with shampoo alone, it is imperative to introduce a balm into the care ritual.


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