How to Charge Your Phone Faster With Adaptive Charging

As the years go by, smartphones are getting smarter and smarter, including the way they charge their batteries. Android and iOS are now equipped with features that, in addition some good battery maintenance tipscan maximize the battery life of your device.

The problem here is that the lithium-ion batteries in our smartphones chemically age. They wear out over time, and that’s why you won’t get the same battery life from your phone after a year as you did when you first bought it. You can even check the current status of your battery right now: it is under Battery and device care, Diagnostic, Phone diagnosticsAnd Battery Status in Settings on Samsung phones and under Battery And Battery status and charging in Settings on an iPhone.

Certain factors affect how quickly batteries age, including operating temperature and the time they spend fully charged. That’s where smart charging comes in. Although these features have different names depending on the phone you’re using, they all more or less work. the same way: they will monitor your daily habits and delay fully charging the handset when they think you are going to leave it connected to power for an extended period of time (at night, for example, or when you are at the office). Here’s how to enable the feature, if you haven’t already.


Screenshot of iPhone Adaptive Charging

Optimized charging is enabled by default on iPhones.

Apple via David Nield

Open Settings, then choose Battery, which tells you your battery level and your phone’s activity over the past hours and days. Select Battery status and chargingand then Load Optimizationto control how your phone charges.

You should find that this feature is enabled by default, but you can turn it on and off from this screen (you’ll see a message on screen when optimized battery charging is enabled). If you are using one of the iPhone 15 models, you will see that the options are Optimized battery charging, 80% limitAnd None– this 80% option is not available on older iPhones.

Choose it 80% limit option if you want to increase your phone’s battery life by very rarely fully charging it: when connected to power, the phone will stop charging at 80%, then start charging again at 75% . Very occasionally the phone will be allowed to fully charge in order to maintain accurate battery life estimates.


Screenshot of Google Adaptive Charging

Pixel phones display information about how adaptive charging is working.

Google via David Nield

On Pixel phones we have something called Adaptive Charging, which works the same as Optimized Charging on iPhones. Again, you should find that it is enabled by default and you will see a message on the screen when your phone is charging and adaptive charging is enabled.

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