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How much does Sky Q cost? Is it worth the price?

Since the launch of Sky Q, adverts have been everywhere, particularly if you already have a Sky package. How much does it cost and is it worth it? We’ll take a look…

Sky Q is Sky’s TV subscription service and is now one of the most efficient methods available for watching TV. It’s continually being updated and improved in a way that really seems to set it apart from other options, all in an effort to stay ahead of the competition.

And you now have Sky Glass to Consider also – Sky’s all-in-one solution.

The premium TV platform was first introduced in 2016 and has since seen significant development, incorporating a wide variety of innovative technologies. Some of these technologies include voice control, 4K video, Dolby Atmos audio, and a wide variety of viewing options on smartphones and tablets.

Sky has developed a television platform and environment called Sky Q, designed to fit seamlessly into a contemporary home.

Sky Q is poised to become the ideal home entertainment platform due to its ability to distribute live and recorded content throughout your home as well as across all your mobile devices, in addition to integrating web services like Netflix and Spotify.

But how much does it cost? Are the aforementioned features worth the price? We’ll take a look.

How much does Sky Q cost?

Your monthly cost for Sky Q depends on the plan you choose, but starts at just £33 per month. If you go for the most comprehensive basic package, however, you could be looking at around £70 per month. However, these prices do not include add-ons like sports and cinema and change often.

If you want to add the full selection of Sky Sports channels to your package, you’re looking at paying an extra £25 per month. If you only want to watch football, you can add football-only channels for £18.

For an extra £12 a month you can upgrade your package to include Sky Cinema, which offers an unrivaled selection of blockbuster films, a superb range of box sets and even a subscription to Primordial+.

Features of Sky Q

Sky continues to lead the industry in cutting-edge home entertainment technology, including in 2022 with the release of its without dish SkyStream Service. .

As noted in the introduction, a beautiful and user-friendly TV guide, voice control, the ability to record multiple channels at once, Dolby Atmos sound and UHD and HDR visual quality are all features of the Sky Q system that allow watch TV effortlessly. .

Let’s look at these features – and a few others – in more detail, so you can decide if the prices above are worth what you get.

Sky Q voice control

You no longer need to repeatedly press buttons on the remote control thanks to Sky Q’s intelligence. Simply use your voice to navigate the platform, open apps, record programs and much more.

Sky Q apps

With Netflix, iPlayer, Apple TV Plus, Disney+, YouTube, Spotify and Amazon Prime all accessible through your Sky Q box, you can effortlessly enjoy all your favorite TV from one device.

Although Netflix and Disney+ can also be purchased as part of a Sky Ultimate TV package, other apps require a subscription.

Sky Q is ready for UHD and HDR

High definition resolution (HDR), first introduced in 2020 and now available in over 100 films and TV series on Sky, provides a better viewing experience in terms of the range of colors displayed.

Sky Q offers the best of the latest picture quality technology and also delivers content in crystal clear 4K resolution.

You will need to upgrade to a 2TB Sky Q box or a UHD box in order to enjoy content in UHD 4K resolution.

Dolby Atmos Sky Q sound

As well as providing enhanced images, Sky now supports the Dolby Atmos audio format in a number of films.

Combined with HDR/4K visual quality, this improved sound quality creates a more dramatic atmosphere that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Sky Q multi-room and Wi-Fi hotspots

Sky is offering consumers who want multi-room access the opportunity to purchase one of its Sky Q mini boxes.

The sophisticated Sky Q mini system not only allows you to view all the same content as you can on your main box, but it also allows you to start watching a movie or TV program in one room and resume it in another room if you looked at it in the previous room.

Sky Q mini boxes, in addition to offering this dynamic visual experience, also function as wifi hotspots and establish a mesh system throughout your home. This improves the quality of your wifi connection, which you can use for various purposes besides watching TV.

Sky Q and Sky Go apps

You will need the Sky Q app to view Sky TV programming on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

Once installed, it will immediately start picking up your custom Sky hardware and you’ll have the option to continue watching whatever you were watching on your main box or choose a new program.

All Sky customers are also eligible for the free Sky Go app, and those who subscribe to Sky’s multiroom service are exempt from paying the monthly subscription price for the Sky Go Extra app.

Alternatives to Sky Q

You probably already know that Sky Q isn’t the only cable TV option available. BT and Virgin have their own variations of the Sky Q experience.


Virgin and Sky have been fierce competitors for new consumers for many years, and both companies are always striving to improve and advance their respective technologies.

The 360 ​​TV box is the newest product offered by Virgin and it was launched to compete directly with Sky Q.

Similar to Sky Q, Virgin 360 offers its customers the ability to record multiple channels at the same time. Additionally, the company’s 360 micro enclosures provide a multi-room experience while simultaneously emitting Wi-Fi signals and establishing a mesh network throughout your home.


There’s a lot to say about BT TV these days, including both the services included as standard in BT’s TV packages and a significant number of add-ons.

Every BT TV subscription includes a BT YouView decoder. With it you can record up to 300 hours of TV and stop and rewind live TV. Plus, it supports 4K, so you can watch BT Sport Ultimate in UHD.

If you’re willing to pay more for them, BT packages can also include BT Sport, AMC, Netflix, Now TV and even Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

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