Gravitational ptosis of the face

Gravitational ptosis is the omission of the tissues of the face and body, which occurs with age in everyone. Usually, signs of ptosis begin to appear after 35-40 years. However, depending on the individual’s face and the type of aging, this may happen earlier or later than the indicated age. For example, finely wrinkled or muscular types are less prone to ptosis than the rest.

Causes of ptosis

Of course, the appearance of the face is affected by the age factor – over the years, the skin becomes thin and dry, and its turgor and elasticity decrease. At the same time, fat deposits, on the contrary, increase.

Starting, as a rule, from the age of 35, the synthesis of collagen and elastin gradually decreases. As a result, the ligaments become thinner and can no longer perform the support function. Which, unfortunately, causes movement and sagging of tissues.

In addition, with age, the muscular frame of the face becomes tense – hypertonicity is formed, causing the corners of the mouth to droop.

After 50 years, the bones begin to form thinning, and the places of attachment of the skin ligaments decrease and weaken, which in turn also leads to ptosis.

Gravitational ptosis of the face

Additional Risk Factors

Favorable grounds for gravitational ptosis are:

  • Increased skin dehydration – dry skin decreases the total mass of the fibrillar layer, resulting in tissue prolapse.
  • Tendency to edema – fluid lingers in the tissues, stretches them, and begins to pull down.
  • Smoking – impairs blood circulation, causes a deficiency of nutrients and oxygen, causes increased skin dryness, and inhibits the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Dental problems and aging

Untreated, and even more so, lost teeth or malocclusion can lead to a deficiency of chin tissue. As a result, the lower third of the face sags due to the lack of support. The smoothness of the cervical chin angle and the appearance of the so-called second chin also develop. Moreover, this has nothing to do with the deposition of fat in this zone; it is based on sagging muscles that are not stretched over the necessary bone frame.

Gravitational ptosis of the face

Stages of development of gravitational ptosis

Of course, gravitational ptosis is an inevitable phenomenon that develops in several successive stages:

  1. The mimic muscles are the first to react to the omission of tissues – they stretch and deepen, the face is deformed, and a network of small wrinkles appears.
  2. In the second stage, there is a redistribution of adipose tissue, which leads to a change in the shape of the face.
  3. Gradually, there is a violation of blood circulation in the tissues of the face, and the supply of nutrients and oxygen decreases. As a result, the complexion becomes earthy and unhealthy.
  4. A decrease in the synthesis of collagen and elastin causes a decrease in skin elasticity; it becomes dry and prone to inflammation. 

How does gravitational ptosis manifest?

A whole combination of symptoms characterizes ptosis:

How does gravitational ptosis develop?

Ptosis develops in several successive stages:

Face areaSymptoms
EyesDrooping of the eyebrows “Influx” of the skin of the upper eyelid Hernias, swelling and bags under the eyes
Mouth and chin areaDeepening and strengthening of the nasolabial folds Lowering of the corners of the mouth Formation of the labio-chin folds Appearance of jowls Formation of the second chin
Cheek and cheek areaIncreased prominence of the nasolacrimal and nasobuccal grooves Flattening of the cheeks Reduction in the volume of the middle third of the face and “weighting” of the lower part
NeckThe formation of longitudinal furrows – the so-called “rings of Venus”
  • Grade 1 – first, the corners of the lips and upper eyelids fall slightly. Behind them, the outer edge of the upper eyelid “slips,” and the nasolacrimal groove deepens.
  • Grade 2 – ptosis becomes more significant – the inner corners of the superciliary arch are already lowered, the oval of the face swims, and the chin becomes less clear. 
  • Grade 3 – due to the sagging of the tissues, a pronounced second chin is formed, the bones of the facial skull are deformed, jowls are formed, and wrinkles deepen.

Spider veins, pores, and dilated capillaries appear on thin, earthy skin.

Gravitational ptosis of the face

How to deal with ptosis at home

There are several effective ways to prevent ptosis at home.


It can be carried out using the usual massage techniques and with the help of a gouache roller, microcurrents, and various devices.

face fitness

Face fitness – gymnastics for the face helps keep muscles in good shape. Thanks to regular exercises, the chin is tightened, the oval of the face improves, and the corners of the mouth and eyebrows rise.

It is important to understand that this method works great, but only if daily exercises are performed.

Gravitational ptosis of the face


It is impossible to remove jowls and restore the oval of the face with the help of masks and peelings, but it is possible to make the skin denser and cleaner and remove wrinkles, age spots, and congestion with their help.

It is important to remember intensive hydration – the drier the skin, the faster it ages.

How to get rid of ptosis with salon treatments

Thread lifting

An effective way to deal with ptosis is to install special threads. With their help, the descending tissues are fixed. 

Currently, two main types of threads are used:

  1. Lifting – they give a rigid fixation
  2. Reinforcing – they create a base mesh, thanks to which they compact the fabric and prevent its sagging

Smas lifting 

Smas lifting is an effective rejuvenation using focused ultrasound, affecting the skin and the deep layers of muscles and ligaments. This, in turn, leads to the formation of a new, dense collagen framework and also strengthens the ligaments. This guarantees a pronounced rejuvenating effect.


Injection techniques cannot have a pronounced effect on the elimination of bryly. However, they can be used in the complex fight against age-related changes. Mesotherapy is used in a complex effect to stimulate collagen production, inhibiting the development of gravitational ptosis.

Gravitational ptosis of the face

Correction of face volumes

After the tone is returned to the soft tissues of the face, they must be returned to their rightful place from which they sank. For this, injection techniques are used – the introduction of fillers (often based on hyaluronic acid) to model the middle third of the face, especially the cheekbones and temple area. Another important stage of correction is chin modeling.

It is often performed in those whose chin does not initially have sufficient volume or loses its bone volume with age. The sooner contouring is performed, the smaller the volume of the drug will be required to complete the procedure, and the more natural the result will be.

RF lifting

RF lifting is an effective procedure for heating tissues with a high-frequency current deep into the dermis. This starts the processes of natural rejuvenation and improvement of the facial frame.


Bio-reinforcement is a targeted injection of hyaluronic acid that triggers the synthesis of collagen, which maintains a youthful face shape.

A cumulative effect characterizes the procedure – it reaches its maximum a month after bioreinforcement.

Laser rejuvenation AcuPulse

Fractional AcuPulse is a highly effective treatment for improving the appearance and condition of the skin. The impact of the laser leads to an increase in the synthesis of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for the smoothness of the skin and a clear oval of the face.

During the procedure, the skin is exposed to a carbon dioxide fractional laser, which can penetrate to the required depth.

During the procedure, the cosmetologist thoroughly cleanses the skin, removes makeup residues, and applies a gel with a slight anesthetic effect. And then, for half an hour, it works on the face with a laser and completes the procedure by applying a sedative.

Facial oval restoration with M22 

The procedure on the M22 apparatus is a complex effect on the face with the help of beams of light of a certain frequency, thanks to which it is possible to:

  • Reduce puffiness
  • Eliminate age spots
  • Reduce deep and eliminate fine wrinkles
  • Restore the oval of the skin, tighten the second chin and “strengthen” the corner of the youth
  • Remove the “rings of Venus” or longitudinal furrows on the neck
Gravitational ptosis of the face

The impact of the M22 apparatus triggers the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which create the frame of the face, which is responsible for a tightened oval, pronounced cheekbones, and the so-called “corner of youth.”

The cosmetologist acts on certain areas of the face with beams of light of a certain frequency. The procedure does not cause pain but may cause discomfort and heat. 

As a rule, the result is immediately noticeable, but several procedures are recommended for pronounced rejuvenation.

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