Google is going to let teens use Bard, though with some guardrails

Bard will be available to teens in “most countries around the world” as long as they meet Google’s minimum age requirement to manage their own account, Doshi says. (For many countries this age is 13; Google lists exceptions in a supporting document.) To start, teens will only be able to use Bard in English, but Doshi says Google will add more languages ​​”over time.”

Google has implemented some safety measures to help teens understand how generative AI works and prevent them from seeing dangerous content.

The company is adding new features to Bard that might be especially useful to teens, but are also things everyone can use. When you type a math equation or upload a photo of it, Bard will walk you through how to solve the problem. (Over time, Google created search a better tool for homework.) Bard will also be able to create charts from tables or data in a prompt, says Doshi.

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