Fortnite is blocking some outfits in experiences made for kids

Fortnite just started showing age categories for each experience you can play in the game, but due to these changes some outfits in the game cannot be used in experiences rated Everyone or Everyone 10 More, depending a blog article from Fortnite team.

For example, while writing this article, I set my game to visit the E-rated experience themed Game rewards while wearing one of the outfits you can earn through this season’s Battle Pass. When in the Fortnite In the lobby there was a notice stating that “the outfit you have chosen may not be worn in experiments of this age” – which surprised me, as nothing about the outfit struck me as particularly offensive .

But when I walked to my locker, where Epic lets users trade virtual outfits and gear, there was a warning icon above the accessory on my back – a cat/car/metal ball thing – cannot be used in experiments rated Everyone 10 More or less. When I loaded the experience, the game removed the accessory entirely. Epic’s blog post doesn’t specify what criteria makes an outfit unsuitable for certain experiences, and when I asked for details, Epic spokesperson Jake Jones referred me to the blog post.

In this article, Epic added an update stating that 7% of outfits are only compatible with Teen-rated experiences. However, this update also states that Epic will, over the “next year”, change things so that “most” blocked outfits can be used in all experiences by “having them automatically adjust their appearance” . Spokesman Dan Walsh gave the hypothetical example of Fortnite remove a gun attached to the leg of Agent Peeley’s outfit.

“We probably won’t be able to find a solution for every cosmetic product, especially in cases where it would require a complete reimagining of the outfit, but we are working to solve as many as possible,” Walsh said.

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